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I know I said I might be popping in today for a quick post about Black Friday deals but I feel like sharing something a little different with those of you who stop by today is much more important. I feel like during the holiday season it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything going on around us or to even get caught up in over stuffing our faces with yummy food that we often forget to really consider why we're gathering to celebrate in the first place. As many of you already know, I am an immigrant so, for my family, celebrating Thanksgiving was more of a conscious choice than it is for most. Our celebration of this holiday didn't stem from tradition rather, from the decision my parents made that celebrating a holiday all about gratitude was something our family should partake in. All of my life I have been a worrier. As a worrier, I so often let my perceived "difficulties" overcome my view of all of the beautiful blessings that my life is made up of. Today I'd like to list just a few of those many, many, blessings in hopes that it helps me better cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
  1. As always, the first and foremost blessing in my life is The Gospel of Jesus Christ and his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The peace, happiness, and blessings that The Gospel has brought into my life are innumerable. I have felt lifted, reassured, and often times guided forward through the power of The Gospel and The Atonement. There really is no greater blessing in my life than my firm testimony of these truths.
  2. My family. Life just isn't worth living without family. My parents have done more for me than anyone could ever do. As each day passes and I'm better able to realize all of the hard work and sacrifice they put into getting my siblings and me to where we are the more grateful for them I am and the more astounded I am by their love for us. Not only that, but the relationship I have with my siblings is my most cherished relationship in life. The love and support I get from those three goobers is just incredible and there is never a day when I'm not excited to see them! They're seriously my best friends, and I wouldn't want it any other way!
  3. A strong, healthy, and functioning body. I know this one may sound odd, but it's something I really am grateful for. It's something simple and basic that can be easily overlooked but when I think of all the people in this world struggling with health related issues I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for a body that is healthy. It's so easy in today's society to see our bodies through eyes of criticism. To look in the mirror and only see that which we would change, but let's pause and be grateful that regardless of those couple of "extra" pounds, stretch marks, or whatever else it is we may see as being "wrong" with ourselves let's be grateful that we're alive, that our hearts are beating.
  4. A home that is like a piece of heaven on earth. I'm so incredibly grateful that my home is a place I actually want to be and look forward to being in. I'm grateful for the spirit of peace, tranquility, and happiness that I feel every time I come through the doors. It's my safe harbor and I love it. 
I hope you all take a moment to consider your blessings, enjoy your time with loved ones, eat plenty of yummy food and finally, enjoy the video I'm linking below!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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