Holiday Guide

Holiday Guide: Sequins

With the holidays just right around the corner (can you believe it?! This year has FLOWN by!) I thought I'd start putting together some shopping guides for you all to get the juices flowing for ideas on gifts for family or friends and ideas for what to get for yourselves for the season's must-haves! I thought I'd start off with a shopping guide for sequins because year after year sequin pieces are the go to items for Holiday wear, whether it's a sequined dress for the various Christmas parties we all commit to or a sassy pair of sequined pants for a fun NYE look! Even if you feel a pair of gold sequined pants is too much for you there are SO many smaller and equally as cute ways to incorporate sequins! Aerie has got THE cutest sequined accessories right now ranging from cute sequined bralettes that are great peek-a-boo layering pieces to cute sequined infinity scarves that are a great way to add a mild pop of sequined fun! Not to mention those cute sequined undies (not that anybody would see them, but whatever, you'd know you're wearing them and I guarantee they'd make you feel more sparkly!). Anyway, down below I'm going to link some more of my sequined faves including blazers, dresses, pants, etc! Aaaaaand I won't lie, some  of those items may already be on their way into my closet via UPS. ;)

I hope you all enjoy my picks and get yerselves some sequined magic! Aaaaand don't forget that Forever 21 is offering free shipping on any purchases at or above $30 and they've got a stellar 50% off Fall pieces sale going on that you won't want to miss!

Much love!

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