Remember Remember the 5th of November

Guys, Christmas season is pretty much upon us!! I'm SOOOOO excited about it! Christmas is my favorite time of year, you guys! It makes me so crazy excited and giddy, I love it! Also, also, "Selfie", you guys! Are any of you watching it?! If you aren't, START. It's so crazy good and I think I'm a little bit in crush with Henry. Aaaaaalso, yesterday was November the 5th! Do you all know what that means? It means it was Guy Fawkes day in England which means it was watch "V for Vendetta" day for me here in the U.S. Holla!!! Also, Tuesday was Election Day and I hope you all took the time to vote, it's important! I'm preeeeeetty unhappy with the results overall as well as the results in my state but whatevs, ce la vie, we can't have it all.

dress: c/o Sage Boutique
jacket: Nordstrom
hat: JMR
necklace: c/o Sage Boutique
shoes: Aldo
photos: LC Photography

I'm totally not usually the body-hugging-clothing-wearing type of girl because although my jeans may say zero nobody seems to have told my butt and hips that because I've got birthing hips ready to pop out a 9lb baby and a bootay that's freakishly out there. One of my fellow blogger pals convinced me to just go for it with this dress, though, so I took her advice and took the plunge. Let me tell you all, it was scary. I'm still even kind of nervous posting this outfit because of how booty toochy (thank you Tyra for coining that fabulous phrase!) these photos are. Even, though, I'm still a little nervous about wearing such a booty toochy dress, I do have to say the dress itself is pretty fab! It's crazy soft, and I love it's color! I feel like it'll be perfect for Winter (dare I even speak of that horrid season?). Do you all remember the boutique I mentioned in Monday's post? Well, this dress is another gem from that boutique! If you're a Utah local check em out!

Much love!


  1. You are so gorgeous! Love your style, love the color of that jacket! Be sure to check out saltyblondes.com. We are a new(er) blog and post about fashion, beauty, food, home, fitness, and more!

    Salty Blondes

    1. Oh my, thanks girl!!! I'll definitely stop by!