Soooo, I'm not dead. In case y'all where wondering. Nor did I take a trip off of the face of the Earth. Nope. Nothing cool like that. I just didn't post for a WHOLE week because I'm lame. I hadn't shot any outfits so I thought I had nothing to post but then I realized, "hey, this is my blog and I can post when I want and what I want." So I could've posted a picture of an elephant if I really felt like it and typed up all of the magnificent thoughts I have floating around my head. ;) Buuuut I didn't. Which goes to show that I'm just sort of lazy. ;) I did however take that week off to really catch up on some other blogs that I enjoy and they really made me realize something. I'm a writer. I love to write. It makes me happy to tell the stories of my day to day shenanigans to you guys, whether or not you actually read them. Just like I'm a writer, I'm also a reader and I LOVE reading blogs that are well written, funny, and relatable. They're the blogs I look forward to reading everyday. This blog was once, well written. As of late, though, I got so caught up in transforming it into something more chic, more simplistic, more "high end"...more something that it's not but that just isn't me. It really, truly isn't. I like posting pictures of my "non brand name" "non designer" everyday outfits along with completely irrelevant text. It's like sweet & sour chicken. Two things that shouldn't go well together but do. Outfit photos+completely random stories. That is my blog. That is how I like it. Aaaaalso I totally left my hair completely alone for this shoot. No extensions, no styling, no anything other than a brush through. This is it in it's natural curly state. It is poofy and fluffy and most days I can live with that and actually like it but not today. Today I see it and I'm like, "Eh, I shoulda styled that". Oh well, let's just pretend it actually looks cool, kay? Kay.

sweater dress: h&m similar
shrug: c/o OASAP
socks: aerie
boots: (I can't even remember, sorry;)

We all know Thanksgiving is pretty much right around the corner and let's be real we're all probably going to eat waaaaay more rolls than we should. Buuut, I mean, should is a relative word, right? Let's just eat a thousand rolls and say we didn't, deal? Deal. Either way, Thanksgiving dinner is all about cozy outfits that will look cute & warm but won't make you look fat after you eat all dem rolls. That's what I was trying to go for with this outfit and I have to say, an over sized sweater dress is THE perfect way to look cute in something that will hide your post dinner "roll pooch". Also, this shrug from OASAP is like the coziest thing ever and it instantly dresses up any outfit without looking too fussy! I've pretty much worn it a thousand times already! Also, over the knee socks. Dudes, they are bomb. So cute, so cozy, so perfect! Also, do like they do in How I Met Your Mother and make yerselves a TurTurKeyKey! ;)

Much love!


  1. For the record, I love the random stories! Also your hair is beautiful! :)

  2. Haha I love that you can't remember where you buy some of your items! I do it too!!

    1. Haha, yeah, I just can't for the life of me remember where these boots came from! As far as I know they came from little shoe elves. ;)