Change, Change is Good

Life is such a funny thing. It's up, down, and all around and somehow still amazing! I don't know if I mentioned this last week or not, ... but I started a new job! AH! I'm so, so, so excited for the new beginning and from the days I've already worked I can tell I'm really going to like this job! I'm such an oddball when it comes to change, though. I'll drag my heels fighting tooth & nail for all of the moments leading up to any big change but then when it actually happens I sort of love it! I think it's maybe just because I'm so sentimental about everything and I get very emotionally attached to silly things pretty easily. Heck, I can't even clean out my closet because I get so attached to everything in it! My sister hatesssss me for it because I never have ANY room in my closet from keeping things in there from when I was in middle school. I mean, memories!! (Not that I remember middle school with too much fondness;) Anyway, aside from really loving my new job, I'm tooootally missing working at the DMV! I know, I know, SUPER weird. It's not exactly known for being the cheeriest place around but I got pretty attached to that stinkin' place! I loved all my oldie co-workers (seriously, 90% of them where white haired grandparents) I LOVED getting to see about a hundred different people in one day, and I just sort of liked helping everyone register their vehicles. It was weirdly enjoyable even if it was insanely monotonous! Oh well, though, change is good, it means I'm just moving forward! Also, Christmas season, guyssss! I'm all sorts of INSANELY excited! Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year! I am 100% one of those crazy chipper Christmas people and I'm dang proud of it! I wish I could somehow convince my entire ward that we should sing all three sacrament hymns STANDING, though, because I feel like you can't really get in the proper Christmas hymn mood if you're sitting!

lace top: h&m
skirt: West Fourth Street (this shop is closed so this skirt is sadly no longer available but I will link cute options below!)
shoes: zooshoo
photos: Rachel Laukat

I'm SO excited to finally be posting some Holiday looks! Rachel and I had so much fun shooting at The Grand America with all of it's twinkling lights! Also, when it comes to Holiday outfits you can never go wrong with a little red! Anyway, I'm running out of writing steam, here, so I think that's all I've really got to say. I know, I stink. But see that crazy face I'm making in that last photo? That is the face of a girl who is crazy excited for Christmas! Heck to the yeah!

Much love!


  1. This look is so festive ! I love it