Let it Snow!

I think I may have mentioned a couple of (more like a thousand) times that Utah has been bone DRY this winter. It's been so insane. I never really thought of myself as snow person, at ALL. In fact, I sort of hated it. I hated the slush, always having moist socks from snow somehow ALWAYS managing to seep it's way into my boots, people being ridiculous drivers in snowy conditions, and just the ickyness in general. These last couple of years of being a runner, though, really started changing my perspective. Running at least 25 miles a week in snow really made me realize that 1-it really isn't that cold, and 2-the world just looks so magical covered in a blanket of snow! Then with this year being so snow-less I realized that I might even LIKE the snow. I know, crazy. Anyway, over the weekend Rach and I went snow chasing and found ourselves a winter wonderland up at Silver Lake. Seriously, it was GORGEOUS! We were like a pair of giddy 5 year olds! Oh my heck, there aren't even words in the dictionary to properly describe just how dreamy it was! Utah really is such a beautiful place and I can't say enough times how happy I am to live here! Since Rach and I went up for the sole purpose of shooting we weren't really dressed appropriately for snow games so I'm DYING to go back up and build a snowman, make a snow angel, have a snowball fight, and just goof off! I think I might have to rescind my previous statement about "liking" the snow now because I think I just might LOVE it!

coat: Old Navy
sweater: h&m
scarf: handmade by my sister (email me if you'd like to order one)
leggings: h&m
boots: can't remember, sorry!
photos: Rachel

I love neutral colors with a passion but I also LURVE me some Christmas colors too so  for this look I mixed the two together. Also, there's nothing cozier than a chunky sweater and thick scarf, am I right? If I had a cabin with a fireplace this would definitely be my go to look for snuggling up by the fire with hot cocoa (or is just coco? who knows..)

Much love!

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