NYE with Aerie "Night Out"

Oh my flippin' heck, you guys! Can you all believe it's the 29th?!! It's mind boggling, right? Like, how in the heck did we get here so fast?! I know everybody says this about every year, but 2014 felt like the fastest year I've lived to date! It just flew by! Soooo much happened this year, it's wild! Is it crazy to miss years? Buhcause I'm already missing 2014! It was just such a stinkin' good year, ja feel? I'll get to all the "things-I-accomplished" sappy talk in a couple of days, so for now I'll just say, "2014, baby, you were good to me!" Man, I have a love-hate relationship with New Years. I love the excitement and prospects for new opportunities, but I'm also a mild hater of change. I get emotionally attached to silly things like what year the calendar says. Insane, right? I guess I'm just an Emotional Edith. ;) No harm in loving years, right?!

star print sweater: c/o ChicWish
sequined leggings: c/o aerie
lace bralette: c/o aerie
shoes: F21 similar
photos: EmmyLowePhoto

When it comes to NYE we all know there are really only two ways to celebrate: out on the town with friends, or snuggled in at home with loved ones! To make your New Year's Eve a little easier I've put together a few looks for you all for each way to celebrate! I don't know about you guys, but when I'm ringing in the new year with a night out on the town I want to be warm, comfortable, and cute! I don't want to have to worry about tugging a dress down all night or having freezing bare legs! These cute sequined leggings are THE perfect piece to meet those needs without having to compromise looking great! To complete the look and keep it fun, I paired these bad boys with a fun printed sweater and wedges that are comfy enough to dance the night away in! Sequins are really a no brainer when it comes to NYE and some other fun ways to style some cute sequined leggings would be with a fun graphic tee and classic pair of pumps, or with a boyfriend blazer and plain white tee! The possibilities are endless and there's really no way to go wrong with these leggings! Also, although you can't see it, I'm wearing one of Aerie's lace bralettes and it is AMAZE-ing!! It's seriously the most comfortable bra ma girls have ever worn, not to mention it's SUPER cute! That's a win-win when it comes to bras for me! Especially the comfort factor! I seriously HATE wearing bras so finding one that is comfortable and barely noticeable is HUGE for me! I'm seriously never buying any other kind of bra ever again. Not even kidding! Anyway, stay tuned because a little later on today I'll be posting my second look with Aerie for a "night in"! :)

Much love!

*Thank you to Aerie for Sponsoring this post*


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    1. Haha, right? Bras are the worst! Really, though, I seriously think you'd like the bralette!! It seriously feels like you aren't wearing anything!

      Love you Romina!!

  2. Very cute look!