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Ya know, I was thinking the other day that I'm pretty much just like Hagrid from Harry Potter. Well, not appearance wise, obviously. More in the sense that Hagrid is a huge blabber. Not because he intends to, more so because things just slip out. The same thing happens to me ALL the time. If you ask me something my answer will slip out before I realize that I probably shouldn't have said anything. It sucks! Especially when I get asked personal questions. My answer will come out so automatically that I'm just left thinking, "Dang it! I didn't actually want to tell you that." It also pretty much means that I can never divulge things at my own pace, not to mention the countless times I've gotten my siblings into trouble because of it. Seriously, I feel like my older sister and I would constantly have this conversation: -"Did you tell Mom?" Me-"...she asked, sorry!"

dress: c/o Chic Wish
shoes: h&m
car coat: F21
photos: Rachel

Like I've mentioned a thousand times already, I LOVE Christmas! I've been SO excited to share these photos not only because this is THE perfect holiday dress but also because Rachel did such a great job with the photography! Seriously, I can't say enough kind words about that girl! I love the idea of wearing unexpected colors, like purple, for holiday outfits and this dress fit the bill perfectly! It's sadly sold out, though, so I'll link similar options as well other cute holiday dress options down below! Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying this holiday season as much as I am!

Much love!

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