See Ya 2014

Ever have one of those days when you just wake up brimming with confidence? I'm having one of those days. Heck, I'm having one of those weeks! It's like that Foster the People song, "Life on a Nickel", that says, "Hell yeah, I'm awesome. I'm awesome." (Sorry for the expletives.) I think it's just because, like I said yesterday, I know who I am, I like that person, and I'm happy with that person. Sooo, "heck yeah, I'm awesome" and so are all of you! 2014 really was such a great year and I think it's time for my cheesy "highlight reel"! Let's get started! Top moments: My little sister leaving to serve as a full time missionary for the LDS church in Canada, turning 22 (holla!), finally getting to see my all time favorite band, The Goo Goo Dolls, in concert thanks to my awesome older sister, working at the DMV (this is a weird one, I know, but strangely enough, I really liked that job), moving onto a "big girl" job at Ferrari Color, getting my first car EVER (this was huge for me because I used to just carpool, run, or take public transportation everywhere), transferring universities (whoop, whoop!), and just all the moments in between full of laughter, smiles, and love shared with family and friends! Really, this year I've been so grateful for my group of girlfriends! They're all such great girls and I love 'em with all of my dang heart! :) Life is so great, and there's nothing like a New Year to really make you appreciate that so jump and dance!

sequin jacket: F21
GooGoo Dolls tshirt: merch table, also available here
jeans: c/o SheInside
photos: Shailynn

Whelp, loves, this is my last NYE outfit for you all! This time I was going for "edgy-rocker-casual". I went with sequins, because, duh, it's NYE and to complete the look I pulled out my handy dandy Goo Goo Dolls t-shirt and distressed acid wash jeans! Also, I just wanted to go full out "edgy wild" so I put on ma purple wig! I know, I know, I'm so weird. ;) Oh and, once again, I just have to say Shailynn is awesome! When I told her I wanted to put on a purple wig and just jam out, instead of looking at me like I was a whack-o, she was all for it! She be way cool. ;) Anyway, you all know how crazy obsessed I am with music so I obviously put together a New Year's Eve playlist and I've been full on jamming out to it pretty much nonstop! Anyway, I'm linking it below so give it a listen! I seriously hope you all have a fabulous NYE and stay safe!!

Much love and Happy New Year!!!!

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