SnapChat for Grandmas

As per usual, I have a million and one random thoughts floatin' around my noggin' and you're all just going to have to be the poor victims that get these mounds of randomness heaped on you! Heeheehee! ;) First things first, I have finally caved and gotten a SnapChat. Bleh. I have no clue how to use that stupid thing. Have one of the highest levels of reading comprehension in the state and nation? CAKE. Figuring out SnapChat? Impossible. I am definitely 80 years old. It's a miracle I know how to use a phone. ;) Send me a snap @AllexisLexus anyone (Is that even the correct terminology? Spank me if I know)? Oh and that's another thing! Why doesn't anyone ever take a person seriously when they say they're good at reading? That is a skill you guys! Having a high level of reading comprehension is an actual talent, I'm tellin' ya! Being a walking dictionary is an important life skill. Very necessary to survival. ;) When I inevitably get killed by an ax murderer at least I'll go down yelling a slew of words he won't know the meaning to! Oh well, though, I guess I'll just always be the little dweebus that gets picked on for not having any real life skills beyond telling you the definition, origin, and synonyms of scarcely used words like hauteur. Oh yeah, I'm talented. ;) It would also seem that I'm in a very self-deprecating mood today too! Go figure. On other completely unimportant topics, ya see that strand of frizzy hair just hanging out there on the side of my head? Well, that right there is what happens to girls with naturally curly hair that play in the snow for un peu too long! Do me a kindness and pretend you don't see it after I so obviously pointed it out. ;) Also, I wear my heart on my sleeve and 9 times out of 10 that proves to be a major hindrance! I trust much too easily and divulge way too quickly. I guess I'm just not much of a time waster nor do I appreciate beating around bushes. If I feel/think something well then, I gosh dang feel it! Why waste time beating around bushes when what you really want to do is beat the dang bush! Beat the bush! Be a bush beater! (I really hope that doesn't have some weird alternate dirty meaning. If it does, my apologies. I have an accidental dirty mouth.) Also, man hoes, you guys. They're for real, and I know one (well, sort of, we met like one time)! Well, I guess he's more of a womanizer than a man hoe but still, I'd never actually met a hoe-ish guy before so I was very shocked! #ILiveInABubble Anyway, there are my weird thoughts...happy Monday! Aaaand beware of the man hoe, he is not as mythical as one would think! ;)

sweater: c/o SheInside
skirt: abercrombie kids
socks: c/o aerie
boots: can't remember
mittens: F21
photos: Rachel

Guys I lurrrve me this sweater! It's so cozy and soft! It's like wearing a cloud! Oh, and before you all shoot me for having an abercombie skirt, you should all know that I've had this skirt for many, many, years now so don't you judge me! I know y'all have all had an "abercrombie" phase! ;) Oh, and these mittens?! They're my fave! So, so cute! There's nothing like having two little bears snuggle your hands! Anyway, that's all, I'm just going to go see if I can buy this cute as heck "Snow White" cabin now! If I don't stop by briefly tomorrow to share a Christmas message, I'll say Happy Christmas now! (Yes, I say "happy" instead of "merry" like the Brits!;)

Much love!


  1. I love your mittens!

    1. Thanks! Me too! They're the cutest little things!


  2. love that you wear your heart on your sleeve, and i love this post! I'm an excellent reader, I'm adding that to my talent list ;)