Winter Wonderland

I have to say, that never in my life have I had the opportunity to be anywhere this sublime. There is something just so quietly magical about this scenic spot that it feels almost palpable. There is just such an innocence to these untouched surroundings that quiets the heart and really makes you listen. In moments such these, surrounded by the quiet beauty of God's creations I wonder to myself how anybody could reach such spots and not instantly know that there is a God. For me at least, there is no question as to how such beauty came to be. Being in this most awe inspiring location made me think of a precious moment my sister and I shared last Christmas season. It was the first Christmas we would celebrate since the passing of our very beloved grandma, who had been the biggest harbinger of the Christmas spirit in our home. It was with heavy hearts, aching from missing her sweet presence, that we went out on a drive one snowy night to run some errands. As we were pulling into the deserted street that led to our destination we saw a scene of such tender beauty that our ache was forgotten and replaced with other more sweeter emotions. Standing in front of us, as the snow was gently falling, were two deer and their small fawn slowly grazing. That scene of such quiet innocence brought to us such a feeling of peace and overwhelming testimony of God's love for all of his creatures big and small and his perfect plan of happiness for his sons and daughters that the unspoken prayer for comfort we had been holding in our hearts had been answered. My sister and I are part of an eternal family and because of that great blessing and the great sacrifice of he who's birth we celebrate this time of year we know that as loved ones pass on they will just be joining the ranks of those who will greet us with open arms when our time comes as well. I am so very grateful for The Gospel and the blessings it has brought into my life, most especially the blessing of an eternal family and I look forward to the day when I will have the opportunity to go through the temple myself. To me, there is no greater joy than time spent in quiet scenes such as this, replete with manifestations of God's love!

sequin shawl: F21
dress: h&m
photos: Rachel

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season and remembering the reason why we celebrate! I also hope you'll all take the time to watch the video I've linked below!

Much love!

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