Be Weird

Guys, I'm in such a weird mood (i.e. grumpy, emotional, irritable, wanting to junk punch someone, etc.). Pretty funny considering the sweatshirt I'm wearing, right? Haha:) In all seriousness, though, I need to learn the balance between being kind and just being dumb. I know that seems like a weird topic but really sometimes I'm kind to the point of stupidity. It really is my opinion that, "being kind is always brave", but at the same time sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves. That's where I struggle. I will always give precedence to being kind to others (most of the time when they don't even deserve it) rather than myself. I'm like the queen of sass and for the most part I have no problem sticking up for myself and others. There are two exceptions, though. I struggle with expressing my needs/grievances and sticking up for myself in work situations and romantic situations. I don't know what it is about those two things but they always stump me and I always end up letting people walk all over me. It's pretty stinky, but I guess I need to work on learning to be kind to myself in those situations or I'll be forever getting hurt. Anyway, yeah, there's that. Also, I think it's safe to say that Utah forgot what Winter is and has just glossed right on over to Spring! (Betcha it'll snow tomorrow now that I said that;) I wouldn't mind one little bit if it weren't for the very real fear of "Climate Change"! Guys, ack!!!

sweatshirt: somewhere in Canada -great options here-
skirt: c/o Agnes & Dora
shoes: F21
purse: c/o Sage Boutique
photos: Ro Photo

Since I'm in such a weird mood I'm going to keep this brief. Printed skirt+sweatshirt+booties+bright bag=Perfection. Amen. Also, my little sister sent this sweatshirt to me from Montreal for Christmas, so forgive me, but I have no clue where she got it.

Much love!


  1. I totally know the mood that you are talking about. It's like 12 bad emotions all rolled up into one mood and no one can help you. I feel for you!

  2. Love the floral print with simple grey tee... So pretty