First Day

Guys, I'm fighting with all I've got to stay awake right now and type up this post. Seriously, I'm DYING of exhaustion over here. My first day of school was so draining! It was SO fun, though! I really had such a blast! Except for the fact that I forgot to bring a coat and all I had on top of my sports tank top was a flimsy quarter sleeve hoodie. And it was freezing. And it started raining. Like crazy. Of course. ;) I actually ended up running about 2 miles around campus in the ice cold rain with barely any coverage. Some would call that unbearable, but, call me crazy, I actually thought it was sort of fun! A mini freezing adventure if you will. I was seriously beaming the whole time. Maybe I was just on a, "I'm happy to be back at school", high or something because I was giggling with glee the whole time I was getting soaked through. I know, I'm weird. I just love the rain, though! Anyway, the three classes I had today were so great and I'm so excited to jump into studying EVERYTHING. School, school, school, man. I love it! Also, I just have to quickly apologize for my rising hemline in these sitting photos, it's just that I seriously have no concept of how to sit like a lady in a dress. It's a skill I've never possessed. I try my hardest but somehow my dress always ends up scooching way far up or I end up sitting like a dude. I have no grace in that department, I guess. So, sorry!

dress: F21
tie front top: Gap
socks: h&m
wedges: h&m
photos: Shailynn

For this look it was all about those cutesy mod vibes! I wanted to just create a really simple/understated "New Girl" type of outfit! Which, I mean, bows+dress+frilly socks+pink heels=Hello Jessica Day! :) Anyway, I'm seriously dying of exhaustion over here so I honestly can't think of anything else to say. My apologies. I will say this, though, that Shailynn is pretty dang good at getting me to crack up like a maniac.

Much love!


  1. your dress is so pretty, I love it with the white shirt