Oh Hi There, 2015!

henley: c/o Aerie
sequined bralette: c/o Aerie
knit boxer shorts: c/o Aerie
beanie: F21 very similar here
photos: Emmy

Guys, I have been one heck of a crap blogger this week. Surry. I promise I'll be better next week! ...Hopefully. ;) Anyway, if any of you still care, I'm finally ready to post about dem new year resolutions! Now, I posted part of my aims for 2015 already on Instagram, so those of you who follow me on good old IG probably already know about this first part. I want to really work on seeing others how God sees them. All of 2014 I was so focused on trying to get others to see me for me and look beyond my outward appearance that I didn't realize that I wasn't extending them the same courtesy. How rude of me, right? ;) Anyway, that's, in large part, what motivated that resolution for 2015! Hear's to having more Christ like love for my neighbors! Another one of my goals for this year is to not forget to MAKE time for the people around me. I've learned the painful way that no trial, stress, or worry is more important than a person to be loved! With that lesson in mind, one of my biggest goals for 2015 is to try to be more present when I'm spending time with loved ones and be more willing to serve them by being more giving/compromising with my time! Last of all, (well not really, I've got a few more goals for this year but I'm keeping those to myself thank ya very much) I want to get out and adventure more this year! I want to just LIVE in nature this Summer and really SEE and APPRECIATE God's creations! Comment below with your New Year Resolutions or email me with them, I'd love to hear! Oh, and because I just get a kick out of sharing my obsession with music with anyone/everyone I can, here's a band you all absolutely MUST check out! They're local to Utah, (Gentri, you best give em a listen;) and pretty much all sorts of good! Happy listening!

Much love!

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