Here's a random thought. I always used to think that when I had kids I wanted to have mostly daughters, because I grew up in a female dominated household, but now that I'm older I've come to two conclusions. One, it really doesn't matter whether I have boys or girls, really, I'll be happy with whatever. Two, even though I'd be happy with whatever I think I'd actually really like to have a few sons. Mostly because then I could raise em to be really, really great men/husbands. (You can thank me later future wives of my future sons;) Anyway, yeah, there's that random gem for ya. Just something I was thinking of. Want to hear another random gem? When I'm upset or feeling blue, for whatever reason, the phrase, "cheer up buttercup" never fails to make me feel better. Sort of weird, right? Those three words are just like my cure-all. Also, the "Finding Nemo" main title song. It just sounds like a nice, big, warm, bear hug! Also, there's no medicine quite like a smile, am I right? Smiles are just infectious and sometimes smiling even when you don't feel like it will make your whole day better! Oh, and I just have to say, 5 a.m. is absolutely horrid. Seriously, you don't know what torture feels like until you've had to wake up at 5 on a regular basis. And I'm a morning person, so the fact that 5 a.m. is difficult even for me, is saying something. It's just cold, dark, and icky. Bleh.

striped tee: F21
coat: Old Navy
leggings: h&m
sneakers: American Eagle
readers: F21
hat: F21
photos: Ro Photo

For this look I just wanted to go for something super laid back and casual. An easy "basics" look that still looks put together. Because, seriously, there are just some days that absolutely require wearing leggings and a simple tee. The key to not looking like a bum on those days is bringing a combo of subtle elements that are structured and/or fun. For me, my structured pieces were my striped tee (you can never go wrong with stripes) and my structured camel coat which is seriously the best coat I've ever owned. It goes with everything. Anyway, for some "fun" elements I slid on my glittery sneaks, my go-to knit hat, and some readers. Once again, props to ma girl Ro for being such a great photographer!

Much love!