We Grew a Little and Romanticised

Hey guys! I'm totally not dead, in case you were wondering. ;) I was just taking a well deserved holiday break! :) In case you couldn't tell by the photos of deer (elk?) today's post is going to be waaaay random. I haven't shot anything lately so I don't really have any outfits to share with you all. Whoops. Anyway, let's just start by explaining the photos of deer (still not sure if they're elk or deer or what...). I sort of have a mild obsession with those lil' babies. I just think they're the epitome of innocence, beauty, and magic. My heart breaks and I literally start crying whenever I see them dead on the road. There are few topics that incense me more than the topic of people who get more upset about a cracked windshield than the fact that they just killed a living creature and then have the audacity to blame the poor dead creature! URRRRR. That's sort of the reason that, when I got my first car back in September, I chose to get the "I Support Wildlife" license plate. I know the yearly $25 contribution isn't much but it's better than nothing and the best way I can come up with for me to help. In other news, I gave a hobo my last $20 the other day. I thought it was a pretty nice thing to do and I felt good for helping the poor guy out but when I told my mum about it she was pretty peeved at me. Is $20 too much to give to a hobo? Especially when it's your last $20? Probably, but he seemed like he needed it more than I did, and who am I to not help? I can just earn another $20 at work anyway, right? I don't know, maybe I don't give my charitable donations enough thought. I'm honestly the type of person who would break my back trying to save the world. The problem is I'd let everybody walk all over me in the process and probably just end up carrying everybody's weight on my shoulders rather than actually fixing anything. Good intentions, impractical solutions. That's me. I guess I just need someone to help direct my good intentions to more practical paths. Anyway, New Year Resolutions and all that jazz, I promise I will chat about that...just not right now. ;) I'm too sleepy for resolution talk right now. Which, flip, you guys, I'm ALWAYS so tired! What's the deal? I'm starting to freak out about what my levels of rest are going to be like when school starts next week! AH!! Seriously, wish me luck, because I'm starting to get nervous! Anyway, that's pretty much the gist of my random thoughts today. Well, not really, I have a TON more thoughts but those are private and I'm keeping them to myself. Which, since you're all fellow ladies, you know that's just code for "I-have-boy-related-thoughts-on-my-mind-that-I'm-resolutely-keepin'-to-myself". ;) Aaaand because I can't end any random post without sharing a playlist I'm going to tell you guys to listen to the last three songs on this playlist! "Still Fighting It", "Flowers In Your Hair", and "Trouble I'm In". They rock and I've pretty much been listening to them on repeat. Especially "Flowers In Your Hair".

Much love!

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