Yes, Please

Guys. School starts tomorrow. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have class bright and early at 8:00am. So delicious, am I right? ;) Seriously, though, I don't actually mind, haha. I'm a morning person ALL the way so morning classes are actually really good for me. That's when my mind is the most awake. I know, I'm not a normal human. What else is new? ;) As far as classes go, though, since I registered so late in the game I didn't exactly get the cream of the crop when it came to classes and many of the classes I need to take just straight up weren't available. Sucks to suck. Which, apparently in this instance, I sucked at registering. I seriously can't wait to get started, though! I know this is going to sound super freaky, but I flippin' LOVE homework. I know, I know, I'm certifiable. The doctors may cart me away now. I'm whacky. ;) Some people are street smart and others are book smart and I guess I'm just one of those book smart peeps. All the way. As far as I'm concerned, real life can suck it. I'd rather spend the rest of my life endlessly learning, studying for exams, reading textbooks, and writing essays. Ask me to book a flight? Not a clue. Ask me to write a 30 page paper analyzing the channels of communication within a business organization, how they work, and theorize a new mode of functional communication within said organization and be the only student to get an A? Boom. Cake. Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this anymore...maybe that I'm excited for school? Yeah, we'll go with that. Oh, oh, in other unrelated news, though! I'm back on the Maroon 5 bandwagon! I had LOVED "Songs About Jane", their first album, but after that I just wasn't a huge fan anymore. All the stuff of theirs that I heard on the radio, was just "meh". Oh, and then when that "Pay Phone" song came out? I was like, "mmmm, definitely hate them now." Anyway, a cute human of the male persuasion (That sounds so weird. Why I didn't just say "boy" is beyond me. Again I say, I am whacky;) told me to put on a Maroon 5 song from their new album and I sort of fell in love with them again. Seriously, I've been listening to the new album NON stop! A few favorites, "Coming Back For You", "Unkiss Me", and "Sugar". Also, there's this lyric from one of the other songs on the album that says, "Woke up sweaty from a dream" but for a few days there I was singing, "Woke up sweaty from a tree". Haha, I didn't realize I had misheard it till I stopped to think about it and realized that "woke up sweaty from a tree" makes absolutely no sense. I'm hard of hearing apparently haha. :)

camel coat: Old Navy
sweater: c/o OASAP
skirt: F21 similar
boots: F21 similar
photos: Shailynn

So winter is pretty much fading fast here in Utah (knock on wood) and I'm pretty excited about it! Some days are still fairly chilly, though, so this chunky turtle neck sweater is PERFECT! It's so toasty and cozy! Also, layering chunky sweaters on top of skirts is a great alternative to the typical sweater+leggings winter uniform. Also, the trick to wearing skirts in the winter is boots, boots, boots! Seriously, get yerselves a pair of over the knee boots and you're pretty much set! Also, once again, Shailynn is DA best. Girl makes me crack up alls the times and she is insanely good at what she does so once again I say, BOOK HER.

Much love!