Fire Lit

puffer coat: F21
black denim: American Eagle
photos: Raquel

Sooooo, I've had these photos lying around since early December...yikes! I know, I've been such a crummy blogger lately. I apologize, I've just had a crazy busy couple of months but I've started to get mentally back in the game and I've got some big things coming to this lil' space and some big goals in mind for where I see this blog going this year! Yay! Anyway, to go along with my U of U beanie I figured I might as well go all school spirit for today's post and give y'all a lil' school update. First, I'm luuuurving ALL of my classes! They're all so great, so interesting, and I'm learning SO much. I honestly love it so much. School is just my thang, and it feels so great to be back in my element. I love kicking major trash on exams and papers. It's weirdly thrilling to me. Especially considering I haven't bought a single text book. I know, I know, I'm so bad. Really, though, a friend of mine who already took one of the classes I'm taking was kind enough to lend me his book, and a friend from another one of my classes has been awesome enough to loan me his book every other night when he's done reading the chapters himself, and for my last class, well, I just honestly don't feel like the book is too necessary. I know some people argue that not getting the text books is half a$*ing your education but, I mean, I've managed to keep up with all of the reading and clearly I'm learning the material if I'm getting top marks. Sooooo, to those people all I can say is...suck it! I don't half a$* anything! When I want something, I go after it full force and when I've set a goal there's nothing that can stop me! Sorry, I don't know where all of this sass is coming from. Earlier this month I just got real ticked off about something and it just sort of lit a fire under me and I'm just diving into the world with a whole lot of sass and really starting to gosh dang pursue the crap out of everything I've ever wanted to do! I'm not holding anything back this year. This is going to be my year and I'm going to chase down every last fantasy I've ever had and make it a reality! I've got a lot of goals, both physical and spiritual, for myself this year and I'll be danged if I don't accomplish them all! Anyway, there are those fierce thoughts for you all. :)

Much love!



Guys, I just got through my last midterm and it feels pretty dang righteous! Seriously, now I get a nice easy-ish week. Yum! Also, I've seriously started looking into getting certified to ride a motorcycle and BUYING one. Not even kidding. I just made it a goal this year to tackle exciting things and that is number one on my list right now. Also, nothing lights a fire under my butt like a challenge and I want to show the world that just because they all see me as all "frou, frou, I live on a rainbow" that doesn't mean that I'm not 100% capable of doing tough things. Anyway, yeah. My laptop is being a real turd right now and keeps shutting down every two minutes so I have to keep this brief.

leather jacket: Betsey Johnson via Nordstrom
dress: Target
booties: F21
hat: JMR
photos: Ro Photo

Outfit wise alls I gots to say is, all black with camel=awesome sauce. It's edgy, cute, and chic all rolled into one. Boom.

Much love!


Reflections of You

Guys, I had the most fabulous beyond fabulous weekend! I went on two mini road trips with two of my main babes. First, we went on a midnight trip to an abandoned town in Eureka, Utah. The stars were INsanely beautiful! It's wonderful how visible they are when you leave all the city lights! Seeing them that clearly is so breathtaking! Anyway, on our next mini road trip we took a drive down to Midway, Utah to soak in a crater hot spring. Ohhhhhhh my, there are NO words for how delicious that was! Mmmmm, I could have stayed soaking in that cave for the rest of my life. No joke. Honestly, I felt so relaxed and at peace afterwards! Yum. After we soaked, we hit up a cute little diner and, guys, BEST peach cobbler I have EVER had. Hands down. Man, I love cute little hole in the wall small town diners! They're legit places to dine. Also, friends, you guys. This Valentine's weekend I was just beyond grateful for the incredible ladies I have in my life and all the wonderful ways they enrich my life! Seriously, there's nothing quite like the power of friendship. I know, super cheesy but it's the gosh dang truth! Also, this last week I put together a new BOMB playlist! I wanted some super bouncy-edgy-dancey jams to party to in my car with the sunroof open so I spent some SERIOUS time putting together a mix of new indie-pop finds (that I'm OBSESSED with) mixed with some of my favorite indie-pop classics! I kid you not, I spent at least two hours researching new music, mixing it with my own oldies, and then organizing them all into the perfect order! I know, I'm SO weird. I really enjoy putting together playlists and getting them to FLOW perfectly, though. I honestly think I could be a DJ in another life. I would seriously LOVE that! And it seriously makes me SO happy when others like my playlists!! I spend so much time putting them together so it makes me so excited and giddy when people say they like them!

top: h&m
suspenders: h&m
skirt: c/o OASAP
tights: h&m
shoes: Aldo
photos: Ro Photo

This look was alls about that retro-mod feel! I'm obsessed with suspenders and short flouncy skirts for some retro "frou-frou" vibes! I love it! I just think it's funky and fun! Anyway, yeah, that's all I've got to say on the outfit front! Surry! You should all give my playlist a listen, though, I seriously think you'd all love it!

Much love!


Homework Zombie

Guys, I'm like a boring homework consumed human this week. Seriously, I've had sooo much piled on this week that I've seriously had zero time to think of much else. And, yeah, that's basically my way of excusing myself from having to talk about anything even remotely interesting today...surrry. Well, actually, here's a thought for you all. Why is it that some boys have KILLER style and others...don't. Bless their poor unstylish souls, but I mean, what makes the difference here? Do some of them just care more, or do they just have a better instinct for it? Who knows but boy do I appreciate a fella with good style. ;);) Anyway, did any of you catch The Mindy Project the other night? Major "EEEEEEK" episode am I right?! I'm still "eek-ing" from how "eek" worthy it was! So much eek. ;) Anyway, yeah, I'm starting to sound like an uneducated oaf so I think that's a sign I should stop typing. I've used up all my intelligent vernacular on essay writing so now all that's left is, "Me like sugar. Me wants some cookie dough pie."

sweater: c/o SheInside
jeans: Target
heels: ZooShoo
hat: American Eagle cute option
photos: Ro Photo

This heart print trucker hat is probably about as Valentine-y as you'll see me get. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love myself a healthy dose of smokin' oakin' red and barbie pink, every now and then, but V-day just doesn't inspire me to go all out like it does for others. I mean, I don't have anything against the holiday (aside from the fact that it should be re-named "National Sugar Day" and it makes it insanely challenging to remain sugar free) but it just isn't one of those days that makes me want to get crazy dolled up or anything. I feel more cozy and myself in a soft chunky sweater, baggy boyfriend jeans, and a trucker hat. Trucker hats always. Foreva. I love them. Anyway, yeah, I think I'm just sleep talking now so I'll leave it at that.

Much love!


Rock & Roll

(Creepy baby fists anyone?;)

Guys I'm about to say something I never thought I'd say. Tonight, I hate Rock & Roll. I'm attempting to tackle a 100 question midterm exam on the history of Rock & Roll and it's killing me. Seriously, I love music and I love the class but being tested on such trivial facts is driving me bonkers. I've still got about 60 questions left. Ugh. In cheerier news, though, I also had my Intercultural Communication midterm exam this morning and I think I killed it. I was pretty dang proud of myself. Woot, woot. Aaaaaand I have some INtense back pain right now. It's INsane. Like, I want to junk punch somebody from how badly it hurts. URRRRRRR. Also, I'm dreaming of Spring Break already. I know I've still got a little over a month till it's time but I'm sooo ready for it. I can't wait to explore Big Sur and feel some sand beneath my toes. Yummmm.

tshirt: h&m
shorts: abercrombie (super old and borrowed from my sissy)
longline cardigan: h&m
booties: F21
hat: JMR
photos: Ro Photo

Alls I gots to say about this outfit is, neutrals: yummmm. Grays, whites, cognac, perfection. Oh and this week is predicted to be in the 70s again, yeah, yeah!!! Anyway, I better get back to my exam. Yuck.

Much love!


Ground Hogs

That Ground Hog is a stinkin' liar and I love it! He predicted 6 more weeks of winter? Well, he forgot to account for climate change, ha! Seriously, this whole week we've been in the 70s! It's divine! Well, I mean, besides the fact that Climate Change is happening and we're all going to burn alive as it keeps getting hotter. The in between part is nice, though. ;) Also, I have two midterm exams tomorrow and I am absolutely not looking forward to it. I mean, what a stinky way to start a week, am I right? Also, what the heck? How is it midterm time already? I feel like I JUST started the semester! AH! Time, yo. It slips through ya fingers like water. Also, I watched "When Harry Met Sally" for the first time and it's officially a new favorite! Seriously, it was so fab. Like always, I have a thousand more thoughts, but since I have so much studying to do I'll share them with you all later. (procrastinating like always;)

sweater: c/o OASAP
shorts: F21
sneakers: h&m

What better way to ring in the Spring season than with florals and pastels, am I right? Also, if V-Day is your thing than this would be a perfect casual day-date look for you. Oh, and on a completely random note, if I had been alive in the 50s I would have married Frank Sinatra in a heart beat. ;)

Much love!