Fire Lit

puffer coat: F21
black denim: American Eagle
photos: Raquel

Sooooo, I've had these photos lying around since early December...yikes! I know, I've been such a crummy blogger lately. I apologize, I've just had a crazy busy couple of months but I've started to get mentally back in the game and I've got some big things coming to this lil' space and some big goals in mind for where I see this blog going this year! Yay! Anyway, to go along with my U of U beanie I figured I might as well go all school spirit for today's post and give y'all a lil' school update. First, I'm luuuurving ALL of my classes! They're all so great, so interesting, and I'm learning SO much. I honestly love it so much. School is just my thang, and it feels so great to be back in my element. I love kicking major trash on exams and papers. It's weirdly thrilling to me. Especially considering I haven't bought a single text book. I know, I know, I'm so bad. Really, though, a friend of mine who already took one of the classes I'm taking was kind enough to lend me his book, and a friend from another one of my classes has been awesome enough to loan me his book every other night when he's done reading the chapters himself, and for my last class, well, I just honestly don't feel like the book is too necessary. I know some people argue that not getting the text books is half a$*ing your education but, I mean, I've managed to keep up with all of the reading and clearly I'm learning the material if I'm getting top marks. Sooooo, to those people all I can say is...suck it! I don't half a$* anything! When I want something, I go after it full force and when I've set a goal there's nothing that can stop me! Sorry, I don't know where all of this sass is coming from. Earlier this month I just got real ticked off about something and it just sort of lit a fire under me and I'm just diving into the world with a whole lot of sass and really starting to gosh dang pursue the crap out of everything I've ever wanted to do! I'm not holding anything back this year. This is going to be my year and I'm going to chase down every last fantasy I've ever had and make it a reality! I've got a lot of goals, both physical and spiritual, for myself this year and I'll be danged if I don't accomplish them all! Anyway, there are those fierce thoughts for you all. :)

Much love!


  1. Oh girl. Life can get so busy but who cares, you look chic regardless of the season!

    1. Right? Too busy, sometimes, haha! Oh my, thanks so much Alissa!