Ground Hogs

That Ground Hog is a stinkin' liar and I love it! He predicted 6 more weeks of winter? Well, he forgot to account for climate change, ha! Seriously, this whole week we've been in the 70s! It's divine! Well, I mean, besides the fact that Climate Change is happening and we're all going to burn alive as it keeps getting hotter. The in between part is nice, though. ;) Also, I have two midterm exams tomorrow and I am absolutely not looking forward to it. I mean, what a stinky way to start a week, am I right? Also, what the heck? How is it midterm time already? I feel like I JUST started the semester! AH! Time, yo. It slips through ya fingers like water. Also, I watched "When Harry Met Sally" for the first time and it's officially a new favorite! Seriously, it was so fab. Like always, I have a thousand more thoughts, but since I have so much studying to do I'll share them with you all later. (procrastinating like always;)

sweater: c/o OASAP
shorts: F21
sneakers: h&m

What better way to ring in the Spring season than with florals and pastels, am I right? Also, if V-Day is your thing than this would be a perfect casual day-date look for you. Oh, and on a completely random note, if I had been alive in the 50s I would have married Frank Sinatra in a heart beat. ;)

Much love!

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