Homework Zombie

Guys, I'm like a boring homework consumed human this week. Seriously, I've had sooo much piled on this week that I've seriously had zero time to think of much else. And, yeah, that's basically my way of excusing myself from having to talk about anything even remotely interesting today...surrry. Well, actually, here's a thought for you all. Why is it that some boys have KILLER style and others...don't. Bless their poor unstylish souls, but I mean, what makes the difference here? Do some of them just care more, or do they just have a better instinct for it? Who knows but boy do I appreciate a fella with good style. ;);) Anyway, did any of you catch The Mindy Project the other night? Major "EEEEEEK" episode am I right?! I'm still "eek-ing" from how "eek" worthy it was! So much eek. ;) Anyway, yeah, I'm starting to sound like an uneducated oaf so I think that's a sign I should stop typing. I've used up all my intelligent vernacular on essay writing so now all that's left is, "Me like sugar. Me wants some cookie dough pie."

sweater: c/o SheInside
jeans: Target
heels: ZooShoo
hat: American Eagle cute option
photos: Ro Photo

This heart print trucker hat is probably about as Valentine-y as you'll see me get. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love myself a healthy dose of smokin' oakin' red and barbie pink, every now and then, but V-day just doesn't inspire me to go all out like it does for others. I mean, I don't have anything against the holiday (aside from the fact that it should be re-named "National Sugar Day" and it makes it insanely challenging to remain sugar free) but it just isn't one of those days that makes me want to get crazy dolled up or anything. I feel more cozy and myself in a soft chunky sweater, baggy boyfriend jeans, and a trucker hat. Trucker hats always. Foreva. I love them. Anyway, yeah, I think I'm just sleep talking now so I'll leave it at that.

Much love!

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