Reflections of You

Guys, I had the most fabulous beyond fabulous weekend! I went on two mini road trips with two of my main babes. First, we went on a midnight trip to an abandoned town in Eureka, Utah. The stars were INsanely beautiful! It's wonderful how visible they are when you leave all the city lights! Seeing them that clearly is so breathtaking! Anyway, on our next mini road trip we took a drive down to Midway, Utah to soak in a crater hot spring. Ohhhhhhh my, there are NO words for how delicious that was! Mmmmm, I could have stayed soaking in that cave for the rest of my life. No joke. Honestly, I felt so relaxed and at peace afterwards! Yum. After we soaked, we hit up a cute little diner and, guys, BEST peach cobbler I have EVER had. Hands down. Man, I love cute little hole in the wall small town diners! They're legit places to dine. Also, friends, you guys. This Valentine's weekend I was just beyond grateful for the incredible ladies I have in my life and all the wonderful ways they enrich my life! Seriously, there's nothing quite like the power of friendship. I know, super cheesy but it's the gosh dang truth! Also, this last week I put together a new BOMB playlist! I wanted some super bouncy-edgy-dancey jams to party to in my car with the sunroof open so I spent some SERIOUS time putting together a mix of new indie-pop finds (that I'm OBSESSED with) mixed with some of my favorite indie-pop classics! I kid you not, I spent at least two hours researching new music, mixing it with my own oldies, and then organizing them all into the perfect order! I know, I'm SO weird. I really enjoy putting together playlists and getting them to FLOW perfectly, though. I honestly think I could be a DJ in another life. I would seriously LOVE that! And it seriously makes me SO happy when others like my playlists!! I spend so much time putting them together so it makes me so excited and giddy when people say they like them!

top: h&m
suspenders: h&m
skirt: c/o OASAP
tights: h&m
shoes: Aldo
photos: Ro Photo

This look was alls about that retro-mod feel! I'm obsessed with suspenders and short flouncy skirts for some retro "frou-frou" vibes! I love it! I just think it's funky and fun! Anyway, yeah, that's all I've got to say on the outfit front! Surry! You should all give my playlist a listen, though, I seriously think you'd all love it!

Much love!


  1. Those suspenders? I died a little with how cute they are!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh my, thanks Alissa! Yeah, I'm a huge fan of suspenders, haha :)