Rock & Roll

(Creepy baby fists anyone?;)

Guys I'm about to say something I never thought I'd say. Tonight, I hate Rock & Roll. I'm attempting to tackle a 100 question midterm exam on the history of Rock & Roll and it's killing me. Seriously, I love music and I love the class but being tested on such trivial facts is driving me bonkers. I've still got about 60 questions left. Ugh. In cheerier news, though, I also had my Intercultural Communication midterm exam this morning and I think I killed it. I was pretty dang proud of myself. Woot, woot. Aaaaaand I have some INtense back pain right now. It's INsane. Like, I want to junk punch somebody from how badly it hurts. URRRRRRR. Also, I'm dreaming of Spring Break already. I know I've still got a little over a month till it's time but I'm sooo ready for it. I can't wait to explore Big Sur and feel some sand beneath my toes. Yummmm.

tshirt: h&m
shorts: abercrombie (super old and borrowed from my sissy)
longline cardigan: h&m
booties: F21
hat: JMR
photos: Ro Photo

Alls I gots to say about this outfit is, neutrals: yummmm. Grays, whites, cognac, perfection. Oh and this week is predicted to be in the 70s again, yeah, yeah!!! Anyway, I better get back to my exam. Yuck.

Much love!

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