Guys, I'm running on three hours of sleep today. I am DYING. Remember that paper I mentioned last post? Well, I was up until 2 in the morning finishing it so I could wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready and head off to class to turn it in. ;(;( I know, I know, it was all entirely my fault. I won't deny that I'm a procrastinator of the highest grade but I'm usually not THIS bad. Especially when it comes to homework! I usually LOVE homework so I'm on top of it like a mad woman, but this time around I don't know what happened! Also, working THREE jobs is killing me. Yep, I'm working THREE jobs this week. I was recently offered an opportunity to write blog posts, on the side, for a marketing firm's clients. Like the insane beast that I am, I said sure. Except now I'm literally feeling like my eyeballs are about to pop out of my head from exhaustion from working THREE jobs and trying to juggle schoolwork and a social life. Sounds miserable, nes pas? Oh well, by the end of this week I should be back down to just one job! YAY! Which, the job I'm going to be sticking with is actually pretty huge, and an announcement in and of itself! I'll wait till next week to tell you all about it, though! Also, I SERIOUSLY need to stop biting off more than I can chew. It's going to be the end of me one of these days! In other news, though, Spring has got me like, "AHHHHHHHH! Life is SOO awesome!" Seriously, though, this warm weather has got me on a natural high! I'm so excited about life, and just everything! I love life and all the amazing possibilities it holds! I'm so grateful to be young, healthy, alive, and happy! Something I need to keep in mind for those random "I-woke-up-feeling-blue" kind of days!

bathing suit: c/o aerie
shorties: c/o American Eagle
sunnies: c/o American Eagle
sandals: American Eagle
trucker hat: borrowed from my sissy
photos: Romina

Does this outfit seem familiar? Yeah? That's because I already posted about this adorable bathing suit! This time around, though, I wanted to highlight these cute lil' shorties from American Eagle! They were seriously so cozy and the easiest thing to pull on after a day hangin' at the beach! Not to mention, those lace pockets are AWESOME! Perfect post-beach cover up!

Much love!



On the last day of our trip we managed to fit in a few last minute fun activities. One of which was stopping by this cute candy shop called "Candy World", located on the boardwalk off of Lover's Point Beach Cove. It was seriously the coolest little candy shop. It was like childhood had just thrown up rainbows, sparkles, and sugar all over the place! The kid in me was all sorts of excited! I tried on hats, road a toy pony, took some photos in a photo booth with my girls, bought a handful of souvenirs and tried a little salted caramel chocolate! Fun, fun! Also, on a completely unrelated side note, I have a MAJORLY important paper due tomorrow and I'm having such a hard time buckling down and working on it! All I want to do is...well...NOT that, haha. :) Seriously, it feels like I have a Utah sized MOUNTAIN of things to do. ARGH. Ain't no rest for the wicked, right? Except I'm not wicked, so...what up universe? Home girl would like some serious rest! I think my problem is that I want to do and be good at EVERYTHING. And when I say EVERYTHING, I really mean everything. Right now on my list of things I want to do/am already working on are:

  1. werk, werk, werk out so I can have major tone-age going on come summa time. (Nothing says "kiss ma sexy butt, haters" like a toned body. Not that I really have any haters but sometimes I just get into really sassy attitudes that make me feel like stickin it to the man!)
  2. work two jobs
  3. go to school full time
  4. serve as a Sunday school teacher in my YSA ward
  5. save up for a motorcycle (Triumph Bonneville, baby, you are da dream!)
  6. buy said motorcycle
  7. take riding lessons for motorcycle
  8. get license to legally DRIVE motorcycle
  9. improve my Yoga practice
  10. start rock climbing regularly
  11. buy classic inline skates and get really good at roller blading
  12. start taking hip-hop dance lessons a few times a week (because what is life if you can't dance like a sexy beast a la Jessica Alba in "Honey"?)
  13. go salsa dancing
  14. travel, travel, travel!
  15. go zip-lining
  16. try paragliding
  17. look for at least one way to serve a fellow being each day
  18. regularly attend the temple
  19. deepen my daily scripture study
  20. refine my character
  21. build deeper faith, hope, and charity
  22. work on building this little online space of mine :)
  23. maintain an eternal perspective

sequined jacket: F21
tshirt: h&m
shorties: c/o American Eagle
gladiator sandals: American Eagle
trucker hat: borrowed from my sister
photos: Romina

I know sequins on the boardwalk might seem like a bit much but I was feeling sassy (when am I not)! Also, I just love the look of sequins with cut off shorties! It just screams edgy, hippie, glamour babe! Anyway, yeah, let's just leave it at that since I'm sure I already bored you all stiff with my laundry list of things to do up there!

Much love!


Lover's Point Beach Cove

Time for some Spring break recapping at long last! First things first, if any of you Utah local readers ever feel like making the trip out to the Monterey/Big Sur area be sure to FLY there. We decided to road trip and make a drive of it, and boy, oh boy, it was a LOOOOONG drive. Longest drive of my life. Thirteen hours to be exact! And 26 hours round trip! I seriously couldn't sit without discomfort for three days after we came back. I seriously thought I might have broken my butt or something, haha. Anyway, though, when we DID at last reach our destination we spent a glorious day laying out at Lover's Point Beach Cove (where these photos were snapped) and paddle boarding! It was such a warm sunny day; such bliss! None of us had ever been paddle boarding before, but it was surprisingly easy! I even managed to do some Yoga inversions on my board too! While we were adrift in the ocean we spotted some cute lil' sea lions and it was such an exciting/inspiring moment until we realized we had drifted a little to close to them. Next thing we know they've all leapt from their rock and have disappeared into the water somewhere. Of course, we start freaking out that the lil' suckers that we'd been "ooo-ing, and awww-ing" just seconds before were now under the water preparing to sneak attack us and eat us! Yes, I realize, how ridiculous that sounds but we were seriously freaked out and rowed away as quick as we could, haha! Sigh, the Lover's Point Cove was DIVINE, though. Seriously, one of the most scenic little beaches I've ever been to! And it was so surprisingly uncrowded! I loved that aspect! All the other beaches I've ever been to have been annoyingly packed but this cute little cove was nice and quiet! Oh, and don't get me started on the surrounding houses! Guys, they were SO dreamy! If I could afford one of those adorable beach houses I would buy it in an instant!

Tribal Print One-Piece: c/o aerie
Floppy Sun Hat: h&m almost exact
Photos: Romina

Aerie was awesome enough to send me this cute suit for my Spring break trip and, guys, it is seriously one of my new faves! I never thought I'd be one to be huge on one-pieces but this baby changed my mind completely! The fit is oh so flattering, super cute, and still SUPER flirty! I even sort of think it's flirtier than a two-piece! I mean, look at that back! And the tribal print on the front! Yum, yum! Aerie seriously knocked it out of the park, but then again, they always knock it out of the park with their swimwear! I honestly haven't bought a bathing suit anywhere else in a good five years! You should seriously all go check out their collection! They've got SO many cute suits! Seriously, I want all of them STAT!

Much love!


Nobody Likes You When You're 23

You guys, Spring break was absolutely stellar! I know I was absent from this lil' ol space once again for yet another week but I was taking a Spring break from errthang! Also, yesterday was my birthday so I think that called for an additional day off from the blogosphere! :) I have so many fun Spring break stories to share with you all but those are being put on hold buhcause today y'all are gettin' some deep "I-Just-Turned-23-And-I-Feel-Super-Wise-And-Mature" thoughts.

First, 23 is a cool age. Why, you ask? Because the teen years have O-fficially long departed, even if on days when I wear a dress, my school bag, a big grin, and a side-part people confuse me for a 17 year old kiddo. Also, 23 is just the age when you're solidly in your early twenties and it feels pretty fantastic. Makes a girl sort of feel like climbing to the top of a building and saying, "People of New York! I am SOLIDLY in my EARLY TWENTIES and you are my OYSTER!" Except that I live in Utah so shouting to the people of New York wouldn't really make any sense. But hey, I'm only 23 so most of what I say is still bound to be nonsensical. ;) Which is another great thing about 23! It's an age when most of us are finally starting to get the hang of this silly thing called "young adulthood" but we're still young enough to be excused for our "occasional" bone-headed decisions. Although, truth be told, I'm not much of a bone-headed decision maker. I'm tellin' ya, guys, my soul is caught between being a weird mix of 5 year old and 80 year old.

I don't know how into astrology y'all are, but I'm a big believer so I attribute my "baby child/grandma" characteristics to the fact that I was born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries. For those of you that don't know much about astrology, Pisces is at the end of the Zodiac which means that those born under it's constellation are old souls and Aries is at the start of the Zodiac which means that those born under it's constellation have very childlike souls. Thus, as a cusp born lass, I am a behbee child grandmotha! Boom-Shack-A-Lacka! ;) Kay, I know I started this post off with a statement that I had some "deeply mature" thoughts to share with you all and I'm currently not sounding like any of the above, haha. I promise, just yesterday morning I had an epiphany of maturity! It just seems to have momentarily vanished. Momentarily. ;)

Well, as I wait to remember what this epiphany was so I can share it with you all, how about I share something I learned from 22 and some goals I have for 23! Alright, first up, something I learned from 22. The biggest thing I learned from 22 is to enjoy the age I am. I always used to get so hung up on hanging on to the my previous ages that I'd forget to enjoy the one I was in. With 22 I decided to let go of that and just enjoy each age for what it is because you'll never get that time back. I think taking on that attitude is what made 22 so dang awesome!! Really, I LOVED 22! I'm so sure 23 is going to knock it out of the park too! Sitting here at 23 I've never felt so assured and confident with who I am! Anyway, goals for 23 would probably be to be a true friend, love my fellowmen, tackle exciting things, develop deeper faith & hope, and radiate happiness!

Also, what kind of "I-Just-Turned-23" post would this be if I didn't share the two ultimate "23" anthems! The first, "What's My Age Again" is a classic and the second, "Shawty is da sh*!" is all about a girl who is a 23 year old Pisces (basically the song is about me;)! So yeah, jam out to both of them because I definitely am!

HBD to me and much love to you all!


Treat Yo Self

Soooo, I totally treated myself to a gazillion beauty treatments the other day. I went wild. I don't know what got into me. I think I was just feeling like I really needed to do some nice "make myself look rulls hot" things. I just needed some pampering after a month of crazy hard work! Plus, I wanted to look really nice for spring break. Sooo, confession time? I got my lashes done with the ADORABLE Nicole of Layers n Lashes, a spray tan with the AMAZING Leslie of Get Glowing, and a brow and bikini wax at EuroWax SLC! This was all after these photos were snapped so you'll have to wait till next week to see the fully tanned, glamazoned "Allexis 2.0"! Or just follow me on Insta and SnapChat, which you'll want to do anyway so you can keep up on my spring break adventures! Guys, it's going to be so great! I've seriously been looking forward to this trip since mid January! It's exactly what I've been needing! Also, I will give you all a full low down on all of these amazing treatments in the next couple of days!!

sweater: c/o OASAP
skirt: c/o ChicWish
booties: Aldo
photos: Brittany Ting

How awesome is this maxi skirt and sweater combo? Buhcause, I'm loving it! That's one of my favorite things about transition seasons like Spring and Fall, you get to combine closet items from different seasons and it's AMAZE! Also, what's better than pastel blues and peachy pinks? No thang but a chicken wang! ;) Also, these photos were snapped by the AWESOME Brittany of Measure of Attire! She is seriously THE best and the day we snapped these photos we went out to get some snackage and just bum around Provo. Twas the best!! Also, I know the sweater I linked down below looks blue but I promise it's the exact sweater I'm wearing above, I just couldn't get the image to show up in the peach color that I'm wearing!

Much love!


Curious George

dress: c/o OASAP
cardigan: c/o American Eagle
boots: Hunter's via Stylish Treasures
photos: Brittany Ting

Starting this post off with an apology for being such an absent blogger lately, what else is new? ;) Really, though, my apologies. I've been drowning in assignments, exams, and two jobs. Yep, you read that right. TWO jobs. How I haven't died yet is beyond me. Life of a poor college student, right? Spring break is only two days away, though, which means my trip to Big Sur, California is just days away as well! Eeek! I can't wait to feel sand beneath my bum, ocean tides lapping against my toes, and a nice sea breeze tickling my cheek! AHHHHHHH! I'm pretty excited if you couldn't tell. ;) Now ask me if I've packed yet. Heehee, #procrastinator. Some pretty fun things will be coming your way in the next couple of weeks, though, so stay tuned! Also, my birthday is in NINE days! NINE! I can't believe it. Before I know it I'll be 23! The funny thing, though, is that nobody believes me when I tell them my age. For reasons beyond me, most people think I'm seventeen. Seriously. Just in the past month I've been asked for my ID for 17 and over shows TWICE, and the last few times I've met someone new they've made a big scene out of the fact that I'm 22 and NOT 17. Go figure. I guess when I dress like Curious George, though, I can see how they might be mistaken, haha. ;) Seriously, though, this dress is one of my favorites. The print is just so dang cute and never fails to get compliments. Since we'd been having some crazy "sometimes-rainy-sometimes-snowy-sometimes-warm" weather here lately, though, I decided to pull out my handy-dandy lavender Hunter's boots. Just to complete the Curious George look and all. ;)

Much Love!



I'm on a HUGE Spanish music kick lately. I mean, HUGE. It's pretty much all I've been listening to this week. Everything from Pop, to Salsa, to Classic Rock, to Alternative Rock, to Bachata, to Tejano. ALLLLLL of it. If it's in Spanish, I'm listening to it. I feel like I go through fazes with the Hispanic side of my culture. There are times when I don't think about it as much as I do at other times. I mean, it's obviously something that's just plain old a part of who I am, but there are just times when I guess it's more apparent and important to me. These last couple of months especially I've been feeling like, "Yeah, I'm Latina. So what? So what if I have a tan year round, and I used to think that lotion was called "cream"? So what if I think camping is lame because, guess what, I have a house? Who cares if I pronounce pajamas, Pa-JAW-mas instead of Pa-JAH-mas and when I can't hear you I'll say "What?" a little louder and gruffer than is needed." that's just who I am, and I'm completely unashamed to be a Latina. Life is too short to not accept every part of who we are and be proud of it! Now, someone take me Latin dancing STAT. My hips are DYING to groove! ;)

shrug: abercrombie kids similar
denim top: F21
shorts: abercrombie similar
photos: Romina

One of my all time favorite, "understated-bold" looks, is a denim on denim outfit. It's effortless, casual, and unexpected. Also, this cardigan is the coziest thing EVER. I've owned it for 8ish years now and it's still a major favorite! I love closet items that never go out of style! Anyway, yeah, that's all I've got! :)

Much love!