On the last day of our trip we managed to fit in a few last minute fun activities. One of which was stopping by this cute candy shop called "Candy World", located on the boardwalk off of Lover's Point Beach Cove. It was seriously the coolest little candy shop. It was like childhood had just thrown up rainbows, sparkles, and sugar all over the place! The kid in me was all sorts of excited! I tried on hats, road a toy pony, took some photos in a photo booth with my girls, bought a handful of souvenirs and tried a little salted caramel chocolate! Fun, fun! Also, on a completely unrelated side note, I have a MAJORLY important paper due tomorrow and I'm having such a hard time buckling down and working on it! All I want to do is...well...NOT that, haha. :) Seriously, it feels like I have a Utah sized MOUNTAIN of things to do. ARGH. Ain't no rest for the wicked, right? Except I'm not wicked, so...what up universe? Home girl would like some serious rest! I think my problem is that I want to do and be good at EVERYTHING. And when I say EVERYTHING, I really mean everything. Right now on my list of things I want to do/am already working on are:

  1. werk, werk, werk out so I can have major tone-age going on come summa time. (Nothing says "kiss ma sexy butt, haters" like a toned body. Not that I really have any haters but sometimes I just get into really sassy attitudes that make me feel like stickin it to the man!)
  2. work two jobs
  3. go to school full time
  4. serve as a Sunday school teacher in my YSA ward
  5. save up for a motorcycle (Triumph Bonneville, baby, you are da dream!)
  6. buy said motorcycle
  7. take riding lessons for motorcycle
  8. get license to legally DRIVE motorcycle
  9. improve my Yoga practice
  10. start rock climbing regularly
  11. buy classic inline skates and get really good at roller blading
  12. start taking hip-hop dance lessons a few times a week (because what is life if you can't dance like a sexy beast a la Jessica Alba in "Honey"?)
  13. go salsa dancing
  14. travel, travel, travel!
  15. go zip-lining
  16. try paragliding
  17. look for at least one way to serve a fellow being each day
  18. regularly attend the temple
  19. deepen my daily scripture study
  20. refine my character
  21. build deeper faith, hope, and charity
  22. work on building this little online space of mine :)
  23. maintain an eternal perspective

sequined jacket: F21
tshirt: h&m
shorties: c/o American Eagle
gladiator sandals: American Eagle
trucker hat: borrowed from my sister
photos: Romina

I know sequins on the boardwalk might seem like a bit much but I was feeling sassy (when am I not)! Also, I just love the look of sequins with cut off shorties! It just screams edgy, hippie, glamour babe! Anyway, yeah, let's just leave it at that since I'm sure I already bored you all stiff with my laundry list of things to do up there!

Much love!


  1. These photos are great, I love your sequinned cardigan

  2. Love that candy shop! It's seriously heaven. You look so cute!!