I'm on a HUGE Spanish music kick lately. I mean, HUGE. It's pretty much all I've been listening to this week. Everything from Pop, to Salsa, to Classic Rock, to Alternative Rock, to Bachata, to Tejano. ALLLLLL of it. If it's in Spanish, I'm listening to it. I feel like I go through fazes with the Hispanic side of my culture. There are times when I don't think about it as much as I do at other times. I mean, it's obviously something that's just plain old a part of who I am, but there are just times when I guess it's more apparent and important to me. These last couple of months especially I've been feeling like, "Yeah, I'm Latina. So what? So what if I have a tan year round, and I used to think that lotion was called "cream"? So what if I think camping is lame because, guess what, I have a house? Who cares if I pronounce pajamas, Pa-JAW-mas instead of Pa-JAH-mas and when I can't hear you I'll say "What?" a little louder and gruffer than is needed." that's just who I am, and I'm completely unashamed to be a Latina. Life is too short to not accept every part of who we are and be proud of it! Now, someone take me Latin dancing STAT. My hips are DYING to groove! ;)

shrug: abercrombie kids similar
denim top: F21
shorts: abercrombie similar
photos: Romina

One of my all time favorite, "understated-bold" looks, is a denim on denim outfit. It's effortless, casual, and unexpected. Also, this cardigan is the coziest thing EVER. I've owned it for 8ish years now and it's still a major favorite! I love closet items that never go out of style! Anyway, yeah, that's all I've got! :)

Much love!

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  1. Girl you have the most divine skin, ever! I know that sounds weird but you just have such gorgeous skin!