Lover's Point Beach Cove

Time for some Spring break recapping at long last! First things first, if any of you Utah local readers ever feel like making the trip out to the Monterey/Big Sur area be sure to FLY there. We decided to road trip and make a drive of it, and boy, oh boy, it was a LOOOOONG drive. Longest drive of my life. Thirteen hours to be exact! And 26 hours round trip! I seriously couldn't sit without discomfort for three days after we came back. I seriously thought I might have broken my butt or something, haha. Anyway, though, when we DID at last reach our destination we spent a glorious day laying out at Lover's Point Beach Cove (where these photos were snapped) and paddle boarding! It was such a warm sunny day; such bliss! None of us had ever been paddle boarding before, but it was surprisingly easy! I even managed to do some Yoga inversions on my board too! While we were adrift in the ocean we spotted some cute lil' sea lions and it was such an exciting/inspiring moment until we realized we had drifted a little to close to them. Next thing we know they've all leapt from their rock and have disappeared into the water somewhere. Of course, we start freaking out that the lil' suckers that we'd been "ooo-ing, and awww-ing" just seconds before were now under the water preparing to sneak attack us and eat us! Yes, I realize, how ridiculous that sounds but we were seriously freaked out and rowed away as quick as we could, haha! Sigh, the Lover's Point Cove was DIVINE, though. Seriously, one of the most scenic little beaches I've ever been to! And it was so surprisingly uncrowded! I loved that aspect! All the other beaches I've ever been to have been annoyingly packed but this cute little cove was nice and quiet! Oh, and don't get me started on the surrounding houses! Guys, they were SO dreamy! If I could afford one of those adorable beach houses I would buy it in an instant!

Tribal Print One-Piece: c/o aerie
Floppy Sun Hat: h&m almost exact
Photos: Romina

Aerie was awesome enough to send me this cute suit for my Spring break trip and, guys, it is seriously one of my new faves! I never thought I'd be one to be huge on one-pieces but this baby changed my mind completely! The fit is oh so flattering, super cute, and still SUPER flirty! I even sort of think it's flirtier than a two-piece! I mean, look at that back! And the tribal print on the front! Yum, yum! Aerie seriously knocked it out of the park, but then again, they always knock it out of the park with their swimwear! I honestly haven't bought a bathing suit anywhere else in a good five years! You should seriously all go check out their collection! They've got SO many cute suits! Seriously, I want all of them STAT!

Much love!


  1. Dang 13 hours is a long drive but the location seems worth it! Gorgeous swimsuit, the back is super cute!
    An Unblurred Lady

  2. I'm from Monterey and the beaches there are unbeatable. Lover's Point is always a local favorite because it's never crowded and for some reason it's always warmer than nearby beaches. So glad you had a wonderful time!