Nobody Likes You When You're 23

You guys, Spring break was absolutely stellar! I know I was absent from this lil' ol space once again for yet another week but I was taking a Spring break from errthang! Also, yesterday was my birthday so I think that called for an additional day off from the blogosphere! :) I have so many fun Spring break stories to share with you all but those are being put on hold buhcause today y'all are gettin' some deep "I-Just-Turned-23-And-I-Feel-Super-Wise-And-Mature" thoughts.

First, 23 is a cool age. Why, you ask? Because the teen years have O-fficially long departed, even if on days when I wear a dress, my school bag, a big grin, and a side-part people confuse me for a 17 year old kiddo. Also, 23 is just the age when you're solidly in your early twenties and it feels pretty fantastic. Makes a girl sort of feel like climbing to the top of a building and saying, "People of New York! I am SOLIDLY in my EARLY TWENTIES and you are my OYSTER!" Except that I live in Utah so shouting to the people of New York wouldn't really make any sense. But hey, I'm only 23 so most of what I say is still bound to be nonsensical. ;) Which is another great thing about 23! It's an age when most of us are finally starting to get the hang of this silly thing called "young adulthood" but we're still young enough to be excused for our "occasional" bone-headed decisions. Although, truth be told, I'm not much of a bone-headed decision maker. I'm tellin' ya, guys, my soul is caught between being a weird mix of 5 year old and 80 year old.

I don't know how into astrology y'all are, but I'm a big believer so I attribute my "baby child/grandma" characteristics to the fact that I was born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries. For those of you that don't know much about astrology, Pisces is at the end of the Zodiac which means that those born under it's constellation are old souls and Aries is at the start of the Zodiac which means that those born under it's constellation have very childlike souls. Thus, as a cusp born lass, I am a behbee child grandmotha! Boom-Shack-A-Lacka! ;) Kay, I know I started this post off with a statement that I had some "deeply mature" thoughts to share with you all and I'm currently not sounding like any of the above, haha. I promise, just yesterday morning I had an epiphany of maturity! It just seems to have momentarily vanished. Momentarily. ;)

Well, as I wait to remember what this epiphany was so I can share it with you all, how about I share something I learned from 22 and some goals I have for 23! Alright, first up, something I learned from 22. The biggest thing I learned from 22 is to enjoy the age I am. I always used to get so hung up on hanging on to the my previous ages that I'd forget to enjoy the one I was in. With 22 I decided to let go of that and just enjoy each age for what it is because you'll never get that time back. I think taking on that attitude is what made 22 so dang awesome!! Really, I LOVED 22! I'm so sure 23 is going to knock it out of the park too! Sitting here at 23 I've never felt so assured and confident with who I am! Anyway, goals for 23 would probably be to be a true friend, love my fellowmen, tackle exciting things, develop deeper faith & hope, and radiate happiness!

Also, what kind of "I-Just-Turned-23" post would this be if I didn't share the two ultimate "23" anthems! The first, "What's My Age Again" is a classic and the second, "Shawty is da sh*!" is all about a girl who is a 23 year old Pisces (basically the song is about me;)! So yeah, jam out to both of them because I definitely am!

HBD to me and much love to you all!

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