Soooo...I'm pretty sure Utah hates my birthday. Every single stinkin' year since my fam and I moved here (19 years ago) I've had a freezing birthday. I only got four years of blissfully warm birthdays, back in Guatemala, and I don't even remember them! ;) Anyway, I thought this year for sure would be the year that I'd finally get a warm birthday, since February (and January too for that matter) was so dry and warm (60 degrees!!) but nope, March 1st rolls around and what do we get? SNOW. Then today, we just got hit with ANOTHER massive snow storm. So yeah, I think it's safe to assume that Utah not only hates me but also gets some sick pleasure out of dangling warm weather in my face for a whole month just to snatch it away! Utah, you little d-bag. I guess my birthday isn't till the 19th so I do technically have almost a full three weeks before it rolls around and Utah could still change it's mind and decide to be nice to me during that time, so we'll see. For now, though, I am completely shaking my angry little fist at you, Utah!

sweaters: c/o OASAP
shorts: abercombie similar
socks: Aerie similar
photos: Romina

You know what bipolar weather calls for? Bipolar outfits! Buhcause nothing screams, "it's-cold-but-it-should-be-hot-and-sometimes-it-is-sort-of-warm-but-then-two-seconds-later-it-might-storm", like a sweater paired with shortie shorts and long socks! Not to mention, it's just sort of cozy if alls you wants ta do is stay snuggled up inside with a cookie, and a book (if puppies and a hot male were thrown into that mix too I wouldn't complain;)! Anyway, yeah, cute sweaters and shorts? Totally awesome!

Much love!


  1. Aw I hope the weather warms up and the snow melts before your birthday! You do look super cozy here though!
    An Unblurred Lady

  2. Love those socks!

  3. That sweater and those socks look sooo comfortable!