Frankie & Grace

Ya know what show you all should start binge watching stat? Frankie & Grace! It's about two old ladies...being awesome? Ha, I don't know how to better describe it, but it's seriously hilarious! My sister and I watched the entire first season last week and were seriously cracking up the whole time! I swear the whole time we were like, "Oh my gosh, you're SO Grace and I'm SO Frankie!" Haha, it was the best! So yeah, when you're looking for something to watch next, watch that!!! Also, converse, guys. I'd been DYING for a pair for AGES but I just couldn't get myself to commit to spending the $50. (Yeah, yeah, I'm cheap;) Anyway, with my new job and all, I figured, "what the hay, I ain'ts broke no more, might as well." I'm sooo glad I finally got 'em because I'm no joke wearing them pretty much every day! They go with errrthang! Especially polka-dot dresses and red lippies! Speaking of polka-dot dresses, this is another thrifted find so I unfortunately don't have an exact link for you guys but I have linked a few REALLY similar options down below!

dress: thrifted
converse: Journey's
bag: h&m
photos: Raquel


  1. Adorable! I love this outfit, so much! I wish I would pull off converse, but they do not flatter my body type. haha