My People

I'm sure you're all butt tired of seeing/reading about my Spring break trip to Cali...but there were just so many dang good photos still left over to share with you all. Plus, I mean, how cute do my girls look in these photos? I loves them like I loves sugar and that's a whole dang lot! Anyway, this post is just going to be a whole lot of mush so if that's not your cup of oatmeal, well then, I apologize and you'll just have to skip out on this post...ya heartless fool. ;) Ok, so I just want to start off by saying that I have THE best friends a girl could have! Really and truly! (Allison, Ro, Lish, and Angelica you know you're my main babes) It's rare to be blessed with such spectacular humans to laugh, cry, share, learn, and grow with! They're a dime a dozen. I won't go too into detail into their individual awesomeness because I don't want to invade their privacy so I'll just say that seeing them grow into the individuals that they are today and being able to (hopefully) grow and mature right alongside them has been such a blessing. They've all individually and collectively taught me so much. Sharing life with them has been so grand and having fun memories, like the ones captured above, to look back on and share with my future kids will be great! The only thing is, everything is online nowadays and we rarely ever print photos anymore. I'm making it a goal to get my favorite photos from the last few years printed and placed into a simple album. I think often times I make mountains out of the molehills of things that aren't quite going how I'd like, and I end up completely overlooking all of the cherishable moments that my life is so full of! Anyway, I'm grateful for the spectacular friends in my life and if I can be even a little bit as good as they are, I will have accomplished a lot! Thanks, babes!

Much love!

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