Name (Yes, that is a Goo Goo Dolls reference)

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Soooo...I'm back! ...And this blog has a new name!!! AH! This change was a long time coming, but I'm still feeling so nervous about it. It has definitely proven to be a bigger challenge and way more work than I anticipated but fingers crossed that it'll be for the better! I think I may have mentioned this the last time I posted (a billion years ago...) but saying 'Life of a Coy Fish' was just a really big mouthful and most people didn't get it -it just had to do with my astrological sign, for those of you readers who didn't really get it yourselves. Anyway, I didn't want to change it too, too much so I left 'coy' in there and just shortened it up a bit.  Thoughts?  My worry now is that 'Cleverly Coy' sounds a little pretentious...does it? ACK! I sure hope not! Anyway, I'm going with the old school definition of 'coy' here -quiet and reserved; shy- because I feel like that is completely my character, which is kind of funny because most people that meet me would probably never think to describe me as shy. <-- Holy run on sentence! Anyway, I have about a million things to catch you all up on but I don't want to turn this post into a novel and bore you all to tears! Anyway, with that in mind, I'll just end by telling you all that I also updated all of my tabs if you want to take a look around, and as a completely unrelated and random thought...23 has been really weird so far. Not bad weird necessarily, but it's definitely been interesting and I've only been 23 for a little over a month...

Much love!


  1. I love it! I've wondered when this would be coming and am so glad you finally went for it. Love the name, love you!