Soooo, how were all of your Memorial Days? I spent mine hiking, and then grillin' with da fam. Chill, relaxed, chilaxed. ;) Anyway, I'm totally boring today. I have absolutely nothing to say. Nothing. You're all probably quitting reading this as each boring sentence progresses, and I don't blame you. Anyway, in other only slightly more entertaining topics, I finished my cleanse! YAY! I'm going to try and keep up my clean eating, though. I'm seriously going to clean up my lifestyle. Go to bed early, wake up at the crack of dawn, eat whole clean foods, cut the processed snacks, and drink a crazy ton of water!!

shrug: c/o OASAP
top: F21
shorts: c/o American Eagle
converse: Journey's 
photos: Raquel

Utah has continued to be cloudy, rainy, and just whack. The good thing about it, though, is that it means I get to be creative. Bi-polar weather means bi-polar outfit! Shorts+a shrug! Also, because I'm boring today my mind is blank and that's all I have to say. So yeah.

Much love!

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