Told Ya, Sort of

Remember how a couple of weeks ago I said school was over so I was officially back to blogging...but then I wasn't? Well, now I'm actually back. ;) For real this time, so see I told y'all I was back...:) Anyway, do you all also remember how I said I had SOOO much to catch you up on? Well, I have no idea what that "SOOO much" even was anymore. Whoops, haha. Story of my life, though. I'm always telling my sister I have so many juicy stories to tell her, but if I get distracted for even one second I completely forget all of them. So tragic. ;) I have the absolute worst memory in the world. I can't even remember what day of the week it is when I wake up in the mornings. Really, I wake up so confused like, "what planet am I on, and is it Tuesday or Friday?" It's pretty bad, haha. Also, I think grades are out now...and I have yet to check. I'm fairly sure I got A's -not to toot my own nerdy horn- but I mean, ya never know, right?

dress: thrifted
sandals: GoJane
flower crown: Francesca's
photos: Raquel

Sooo Utah weather lately has been ridiculous. We've pretty much had non-stop rain for the last two weeks and the forecast for this week is no different. It is completely wild. Now, I'm usually a HUGE fan of the rain but three straight weeks of full on storms is just a little too much for me. It's putting a damper on my summer activities. Haha, "damper" get it? Get it? I'm so punny, guys. ;) Anyway, in clothing related topics, this dress is bomb. It's vintage-y classic and I just lurve it. Perfect easy, breezy, summer dress. Since it's thrifted, though, I'll just link similar options down below for your buying pleasure. Also, gladiator sandals. They're still going strong. And I love it! If you haven't bought a pair yet, buy some. Like, yesterday.

Much love!

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  1. I love monochromatic looks. This is so cute! Definitely a major score!