Remember Me?

Sooo, I know I promised I would be an awesome sauce blogger this Summer...and it has yet to happen. ;) I've just been swamped with work, and just wanting to spend my free time outside rather than inside blogging...surry! I still love you all so forgive me? Buuut, yeah, I still exist and so does this bloggy blog! :) Also, I'm sure you're all thinking, "What the heck? It's JUNE and she's wearing a SWEATER?" But, guys, here in Utah we've still been getting intermittent "drown-the-world" rain storms so sweaters are completely justified! Also, this sweater is pretty much all I wore in May, when I could've sworn that Utah had turned into Washington from how much rain we were getting! It's just the coziest sweater EVER and the bright color keeps it nice and summer-esque! Also, distressed denim y'all. It's the stuff of life. The holier the better. It's all about saintly denim ya know. Haha, get it? Saintly denim? Buhcause it's "holy". Heehee, I'm soooo punny. ;) Oh, and as per usual links to all items are down below. :) You guys are the cooliest!
sweater: American Eagle
jeans: American Eagle

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