Slug Bug!

Hat: Forever21
Shorts: c/o American Eagle
tshirt: Madewell

I'm back from the dead! Just kidding, I'm just fiiiiiiinally posting. I know, I'm an awful blogger. Summer is in full force and I haven't been the incredible blogger I promised you all I would be. I know, I know, butt-suck. Anyway, I'm just going to quit promising you guys that I'll be awesome and just start actually trying to do it. Deal? Deal. Sometimes, you just need a teensy weensy break from the blogosphere, though, ya feel? Not that I don't love you all and love doing this but sometimes a girl just needs some personal time. ;) Anyway, with Summer in full swing I've really been enjoying rides in my sissy's lil convertible buggy -pictured above! Seriously, there's nothing quite like riding top down in da Summa! Anyway, for those of you who are still listening, I'm back and I hope you all don't hate me for being gone for so long! :)

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