Sweetest Peaches

Dress: Target
Denim Jacket: F21
Converse: Journey's
Hat: JMR similar
Photos: Shailynn

Awww Summer, there's nothing quite like it. So liberating, exciting, and despite the hotter than Satan's butt crack heat, refreshing! I've been spending my summer running in the canyon, cruising in my sissy's convertible buggy -mad tunes blastin, and exercising at my local high school's track whilst trying to improve my tan -lathered in sunblock of course! Sigh...the possibilities! So yummy! Too bad school will be staring back up again at the end of August. Pooey. All parties must have their end, though, I guess. Also, this dress. You guys. It is perfection. I kid you not, I've worn it at least twenty times already. It's versatile, bright, and that halter top cut is SO flattering! Anyway, since y'all know I can't resist sharing musssac, here's my latest summer jammin' playlist. I personally vouch for every single song on it. They will all rock your world and make your summer solid magic! It's that powerful. 😉

Much love!

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