Cold Weather Sweaters

Sweater: American Eagle
Pants: h&m
Boots: h&m

I have an exam in roughly 9 hours. Ack. I should be sleeping but for some reason my sleep has been spooked so here I am typing away this post instead. I'm feeling pretty good about this exam but if experience is good for anything then that isn't necessarily a good sign. Have you guys noticed that? That most of the time the exams you feel super unprepared for you knock out of the park and the exams you busted your butt studying for you end up failing? Maybe it's just me. And actually maybe this is just my subversive way of trying to find an excuse to not study. ;) Either way, hopefully the studying I've done pays off tomorrow. I'm in the solid B range in that class (from getting lucky on the previous exams I didn't really study for) and I want to get an A on this next test to boost it up. Anyhow, enough boring school talk. It just finally got massively cold and now I'm sort of regretting wishing the heat would go away already. Even, though, I'm loving rocking cozy sweaters and boots like the ones above I'm already hatin' on having to walk miles around campus freezing my tush off. I guess the line between warm and 'I'm-a-walking-icicle' is very fine. And the saying "careful what you wish for" is very, very true. ;) Anyhow, I added fresh tunes to one of my go-to favorite playlists and I'm OBSESSED with it all over again. Give it a listen:

Much love!


Board Walk

Leather Jacket: h&m
Midi Skirt: c/o Chic Wish
Shoes: h&m (sold out similar)

Guys, I have such mixed feelings about Halloween. Some years I'm super into it and other years I'm just not. I don't know why. I think it just feels like an insane amount of pressure for just one night and when you're an immigrant kid you just grow up with your parents not getting the point of the holiday either. Maybe it's one of those things that just has to be ingrained from an early age. I don't know. Either way, this year I'm just not really feeling it. I mean, I still want to go out and get my dance on but I'd rather not have to worry about dressing up. Anyone know what I mean? Also, it doesn't help that for the last three years straight I've gotten sick the week of Halloween. Anyway, we'll see how this year goes for me. Also, I want to quit school right now. I'm majorly feeling the pressure of a butt load of assignments and exams. You know what I would SUPER love right now? A road trip to northern California beaches. Specifically Mori Point. If I could just chill at a beach side house at Mori Point for a week and just eat fruit, workout, and go for long beach walks I'd be set to tackle the rest of this semester no problem! That's what my heart is craving right this second. In fashion related news, it's midi-skirt season! Yeah, yeah! And nothing looks cuter than a midi with a leather jacket! It's like a fun mix of lady-like with bad a$*. Anyway that's all! P.S. This is Mori Point:

Much love!


Fall in the Mountains

tshirt dress: F21
leather jacket: Nordstrom
boots: F21

You know what just got hard? School. School just got insanely hard. My News Writing teacher just assigned us five extra writing assignments so to say that she is my least favorite person in Utah right now would be an understatement. Mix in the facts that I just got insanely sick and this week is Halloween, aka social commitments up the whazoo, I'm feeling about ready to just quit trying to get straight A's and full on let myself drop to C status and be ok with it. Ughhh. Some days it takes a lot to remind myself that I actually like school and I'm voluntarily choosing to go. Sigh. In much more cheerful news, though, the new iOS update came with new emojis! Yay! 🤗 🤓🤑🤒🤕🤖🧀 Anyway, it's finally getting chilly outside which means it's finally safe to wear leather and boots without dying of heat stroke! Yippee!

Much love!


Any Way I Can

leather jacket: h&m
mock neck top: F21
suede skirt: c/o OASAP (sold out) basically identical version here
tights: h&m
booties: F21

Told ya guys I was back for realsies. ;) Anyhow, thoughts, thoughts. There's so many! Let's start with throwing it out there that Conference was stinkin' awesome. Yeah? Yeah. I'll pretend like you can all ja feel with me as I'm typing this because it was. There will be more on that later, though. BUT, if you do care to read a more spiritual post written by yours truly please go check out Foundation Magazine! Oh and because this isn't an essay -thank HEAVENS- I'm not even going to bother to try and connect that former thought with the one that's coming next. Partly because I'm lazy but mostly because they don't even match and I full on sat here for ten minutes trying to figure out how to make this post flow and I just flat out gave up because it's a futile task. You're welcome. ;)

Kay, now for what I'm actually trying to get at, you know how every gym -and I mean EVERY gym- has that one weirdo that dances like a freak while they work out? Go on, think about it. Picture your gym in your minds eye and you'll realize your gym has one. It's just a thing that happens. If there's a gym, there's a dancing weirdo. Some gyms even get blessed with a handful of them, one for the morning, midday, and evening gym goers to enjoy chuckling at. Mostly these "dancing-while-they-work-out" weirdos stick to the elliptical because sliding your legs forward and backward ferociously is already half way to major jammin'. All you have to do is throw in some booty shakes and arm jives and you're basically at Beyonce-Back-Up-Dancer status on that thing.

Anyway, the reason I even bring this up is because I've slowly started to realize that the dancing weirdo at my university's gym is...me. Yup. And, freak, I don't even need an elliptical. Doing my plyometric workouts? You best believe I'm jammin' before/in between/during/after every single dang jump squat, box jump, lunge etc. What about arms day, you ask? Pffft. Pffft. Where there's a will there's a way. I'm talking booty shaking in between push ups, and head bouncing to ma sick jams during tricep dips. I know I probably look insane, but I just can't care enough to stop. So...yeah, that was basically the extent of that thought. Can we think of a prettier way to end this, though? How about, "Ima do me, and you do you"? Or, "dance to the beat of your own drum"? Nah, I actually hate both of those statements with a passion so because this is technically a style blog we'll end this post with, this leather jacket is ma jam lately and this skirt is tiny and should therefore be retired but it's still majorly cute. (<-Run on sentence. I have learned nothing in my bazillion years of schooling, clearly.;)

Much love!


Miss Me?

top: Old Navy
shrug: c/o OASAP (sold out) similar, here, and here
jeans: American Eagle
boots: Forever 21

Soooo, remember how blogging was this thing that I used to do? Yeah...I have no excuses. Not a one. :o
No hard feelings, though, right? We're all still friends? :) Really, though, I have just been the busiest bee. Also, I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes school, nay, LOVES school. But this semester? I'm sort of hatin' on it hard core. Maybe it's the fact that I have a stinkin' 7am class or maybe it's the fact that I actually have a for real job now, either way, I'm struggling. Gah. I feel like I'm just super tired all the time and never home. Which, I've never been much of a home body anyway but having time to be at home for something other than just crashing on my bed and passing out would be nice every now and then, ya know? Anyway, I feel like I have a gazillion and one other things that I want to write about -I've missed this- but I don't want to unload a bunch of random thoughts on you all now that we're only just getting used to each other again. :)

Much love!