Cold Weather Sweaters

Sweater: American Eagle
Pants: h&m
Boots: h&m

I have an exam in roughly 9 hours. Ack. I should be sleeping but for some reason my sleep has been spooked so here I am typing away this post instead. I'm feeling pretty good about this exam but if experience is good for anything then that isn't necessarily a good sign. Have you guys noticed that? That most of the time the exams you feel super unprepared for you knock out of the park and the exams you busted your butt studying for you end up failing? Maybe it's just me. And actually maybe this is just my subversive way of trying to find an excuse to not study. ;) Either way, hopefully the studying I've done pays off tomorrow. I'm in the solid B range in that class (from getting lucky on the previous exams I didn't really study for) and I want to get an A on this next test to boost it up. Anyhow, enough boring school talk. It just finally got massively cold and now I'm sort of regretting wishing the heat would go away already. Even, though, I'm loving rocking cozy sweaters and boots like the ones above I'm already hatin' on having to walk miles around campus freezing my tush off. I guess the line between warm and 'I'm-a-walking-icicle' is very fine. And the saying "careful what you wish for" is very, very true. ;) Anyhow, I added fresh tunes to one of my go-to favorite playlists and I'm OBSESSED with it all over again. Give it a listen:

Much love!

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