Blush for the New Year

Dress: F21
Shoes: F21
Necklace: F21

Well, guys, Christmas came and went and now we're heading into a new year. GAH. Can you believe it? I sure can't. I'm actually sort of freaking out. Like, I might have a full on freak out about the fact that ANOTHER year is gone. I can't even, guys. I can't even. ;) Really, though, 2015 was SO good. It has truly been one of the best years I've had. My older sister, Allison, and I really worked on ourselves this year. We did a lot of soul searching, tried to find what we lacked, and tried to work and build on the things we felt weren't quite 100 yet. Let me tell you guys, it worked. We both grew more than we even thought we could. 

At the start of this year when we looked at the last few years of our lives we both realized that we had built up a nice list of adventures we wanted to have but had never actually done and we decided no more. This year was the year we would push ourselves out of our comfort zone and just really LIVE. We tackled so many exciting things, saw so many things, did so many things, and had so many adventures! Really, I'm so proud of us both. 

This year definitely had its challenges and heartbreaks but we held each other up through the hard times and just kept on going. I think since we both made a conscious decision to just really ENJOY this year we had a blast with everything we did whether it was soaking in hot springs, getting lost paddle boarding, or just simple car rides in her lil red buggy convertible. I know it's probably stupid to feel so attached to an object but I love that lil car of hers. We've had so many moments in that car. We've had full on jam out sessions to full on sob sessions in that car. Anyway, this year just really made me realize that life really is as great as you allow it to be. I'm SO excited to see what 2016 will bring for us! I just really know it's going to be so great for both of us; I can feel it in my bones! 

Final side note, I thought this all blush look would make a cute and flirty NYE outfit. It's not your typical sequins, but that's what I sort of love about it!

Much love!