To the Mountains!

So. It's like, three days before Valentine's...and my first post of the year. Let's just say I was taking a month long sabbatical to get situated with Spring semester and learn to juggle work, school, blogging, friends, church callings, AND a new relationship. Yep. Thine eyes do not deceive thee. Y'all read that right. New relationship. Now, I've always been a little private on the dating aspect of my life just because I tend to get a little dramatic with things and I didn't want to go through old posts detailing previous failed relationships only to realize that I was being whiny and really just needed to get the heck over it, ya know? Yeesh, talk about a poorly constructed sentence. Not even sure it made sense, oh well. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I didn't talk about it before because it never really felt right to but now it does. Maybe this will come back to bite me in the butt later, but really, I'm pretty confident I know where this relationship is going.

Anyway, now that I've bored you all to tears with an extremely verbose relationship status update let's get to talking about this adventure. Over Winter break my cute boyf, bae, guy friend, lover (actually, scratch that one because I hate it when people say that), s.o., whatever term you most prefer for 'guy-that-I-am-dating' took his lil sis and me up to Silver Lake to go exploring.

I was super excited because in previous years that I'd visited the lake during Winter it was STUNNING and proved to be a great shooting location (check it here, seriously you will die from how gorg it looks). We just figured we'd show up, make snow angels, build a snow man, have a snow ball fight and head out like happy lil campers. Whelp, turns out that now you need to buy a pass to roam around the lake, must have snow shoes, and stick to the laid out trails. Kind of a kill joy BUT my guy pulled through, rented each of us our own pair of snow shoes and bought a day pass.

Was I annoyed that you couldn't just roam around for free anymore? Heck to the yes. BUT, as it turns out, snow shoeing is really fun, a great workout and something I'm now totally interested in doing every winter. I kid you not, I want to buy my own pair of snow shoes and snow shoe all my favorite trails. Anyway, I know these photos make it look like I LOVE snow, and at the time they were taken I totally did, but I have now reached the point in the year when snow is my worst enemy. I'm sick of it. I want to break up with snow. It's like when you're dating a super attractive guy and at first it's all "ooo" and "aaa" because he's so hot and all but then you get over it real fast and want to break up. Yep. That about sums up my feelings toward snow right now, but hey, it's slowly warming up and the Ground Hog didn't see his shadow.

Much Love!

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