TOP: F21 similar // SKIRT: Bohme similar // FLATS: F21 // BALLOONS: Zurcher's

Taking a break from posting California pics because guesssss whatttt? As of March 19th I am O-fficially 24! And I wanted to post about it before the month of March was over. Anyway, 24 is the age that gets no fun song to commemorate it. Pooey. Doesn't matter, though, because 24 is going to be a ROCKIN age for me. I know it. Partly because I am consciously choosing for it to be and partly because of some major life changes that will be coming for me this year -I will officially announce the big news on here later but those of you who follow me on instagram probably already know what it is. ;) Anyway, this year I got absolutely spoiled for my birthday. I was completely not expecting any gifts but my amazing sisters got me an ICE CREAM MAKER! Yasssss! I was so flipping excited! We've made homemade strawberry ice-cream a couple of times already and it is amazing! Seriously, such a fun gift. You can all expect some fun recipe posts to come! :) 

Much love!

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