Pacific Grove

  TOP: h&m // SHORTS: American Eagle // SANDALS: F21 // BAG: h&m

I used to always be pretty adamant about living in Utah for the rest of my life, but oh my goodness, Northern California seriously always makes me want to reconsider. The homes in Pacific Grove are just so charming, unique, and divine. Not to mention the 24/7 ocean views. Seriously, every time we hopped in the car I'd be saying "Look at that house! I want it!" every 5 seconds. My sister, boyfriend and I all decided we needed to go in on a beach house in Pacific Grove. I mean, we'd only need a cool million minimum but whatevs, totally plausible. ;) Also, posting all these Cali images is making me legit hate being in Utah right now especially since it is SNOWING at the END OF MARCH! Like, what? I can't even. Anyway, I no joke wore these boyfriend shorts from American Eagle almost the entire trip. They're just so cute and comfy and SO easy to pull on and off at the beach. They're totally going to be a staple for me this summer. So yeah, thank you American Eagle.

 Much love!