Space Suit

SWIMSUIT: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go via ASOS (nebula print is sold out but this flamingo print is EVEN cuter!) // HAT: Etsy

So, this nebula print swimsuit is by far THE best one-piece I have EVER owned. EVER. I like to call it my "space suit" because of the galaxy print on it. Also, the fit made me feel like I was a gymnast in a leotard and made feel like I looked fitter than I actually am, heehee. ;) Also, don't mind the fuzziness of some of the shots, I forgot to set it to auto-focus when I handed the camera over to my sissy to take photos so she forgot to focus. Anyway, these are some shots from one of our favorite beaches in Pacific Grove, Lover's Point Beach Cove!
Really, this day was a dream. Relaxing at the beach with some of my favorite people. Can't really ask for more. 

Much love!


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  2. Hello! Your blog is so fun and your swimming suit is so cute! What size would you recommend for the suit? I'm contemplating getting. The same one but hope it won't be see through! Happy summer!

    1. Hi cute girl! It wasn't see through at all. I got a size small and loved how it fit. I was debating getting the medium because I have a big booty but the small was perfect! Happy summer to you too!

  3. Oooh, it looks lovely there! So jealous you have a place like this that's so close to get away to. You look fab! :) My Blog