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So, in true Allexis fashion I'm not posting about important life events until about a thousand years after they've happened. Whoops. Anyway, guess what?! I'm ENGAGED! Most of you probably already knew that from instagram, though, haha. Seriously, though, I am so excited and this was by far the most perfect beyond perfect moment of my life thus far.

So, my cute boyfriend (now finance, heehee), Mitch, popped the question on my lucky day, March 15th! The story of how, though, starts about a month prior to this. In February, after we'd been dating for about four months we finally had the "marriage" talk. Truth be told he'd been ready to have this talk for a while but I was just too chicken and unsure of myself to talk about it yet. I had even asked him once that if it weren't for me wanting to take things hyper slow if he would already be ready to get engaged, and he said yes. Anyway, a weekend early in February we went up to Logan with family, and after some much sought after and needed spiritual confirmation it just fell on me like a ton of bricks that he was the boy I could and wanted to spend the rest of forever with. The morning after a night of swimming, card games, and all around laughter, I woke up feeling completely confident that I wanted to marry him. And I told him so. Via text, haha. I know, so lame of me, but he was still sleeping when I woke up and I just couldn't wait to say it, type it, whatever. Anyway, the whole drive back was full of "Ahhhhh. We want to get maaaaarriiiiiied!" giddiness. 

Anyway, after about a month of not really talking about it again and me dropping hints left and right trying to figure out what was going on and just waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it to go down I started wondering if it was ever going to happen and if he still even wanted to marry me. As I was planning my outfits for Spring break, though, my sister was like, "That's what you're bringing? No. You need to bring at LEAST two cute dresses." That was my first hint, that MAYBE just MAYBE it was going to happen over our Spring break trip to Cali.

Fast forward to halfway into our trip and it's my lucky day, March 15th. Seriously, though, ever since my 15th birthday, March 15th has been my lucky day. For whatever reason, good things happen to me on March 15th. And this 15th was by far the luckiest one yet!

That morning my sister, Allison, told me I should wear one of my dresses, so I got all extra cute and put on my new dress. As a group, we had also planned to make the drive through Highway 1 and visit a remote off the map beach called Pfieffer beach that day. I kept thinking to myself, "Today must be the day. TODAY must be the day." We started the scenic drive through Highway 1 and about a mile into the drive pulled over to a cliffside teaming with fresh blooms. As we meandered our way through the cliff, Mitch broke off from the group and came back a few minutes later saying, "Allexis, I found this cool trail. Come look at it with me!" As soon as he said that I was like, "Oh. My. Gosh. It must be happening, now. GAH." Except that it totally didn't. We went to the cliffside, admired the spectacular view and walked right back to the car. I was so disappointed, haha. In my mind I thought since it hadn't happened then it wasn't going to happen today after all.

After giving up on the idea that it was going to happen that day, though, I totally relaxed which ended up being so great because the whole rest of the drive to the beach ended up being FULL of obstacles and Mitch and my girlfriends (who were in on the fact that the proposal was going to be happening on Pfieffer Beach) were stressing hardcore that we would never end up making it there and he'd have to propose on the side of the road, haha. Anyway, we get to the beach and let me tell you, it was DIVINE. Probably the most breathtaking beach I've ever been to. After about a few minutes of Mitch and I walking around seemingly aimlessly, one of my girlfriends called us over to take a photo of us. She kept telling us to scootch because we were blocking the view. As we scootch and scootch we finally reach a point were Mitch had had my friends hide a glass bottle. When we get to the spot Mitch says, "Hey look, what's that?" Being the space-head that I am I didn't know what he was talking about and he literally had to grab my shoulders and point me in the right direction. I remember looking in the sand and thinking it was just a PVC pipe and thinking to myself, "It's just a pipe, why does he want me to look at garbage?" Anyway, he tells me I should dig it out so I do. I pull it out and lo and behold it's a little message in a bottle. I open it up and inside is an aged looking piece paper telling me to turn around because someone has a question for me. I look to my side, and there he is on one knee being all cute and asking me to marry him -IN SPANISH. Honestly, I can't even remember what I said because I was so surprised, but Mitch tells me I said, "Of course".

And there you have it, WE'RE ENGAGED!!! Our date is October 12th and I am so excited to be sealed to the guy that treats me like a princess every single dang day, is always up for wasting gas looking for random mountains and cliffs with me, writes me love notes almost on the daily, lets me tickle him all the time even though I don't let him tickle me, and watches the Vampire Diaries with me.

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