Uh Huh, Honayyy

Romper: c/o Tobi // Hat: Etsy // Shoes: Converse

Summer is here, school is over, and wedding planning is in full swing. Or at least it should be, haha. Guys, I have to be honest, I am THE worst planner. EVER. I hate it and I'm pretty dang awful at it. I've picked out a dress that will be custom made and I'm in LOVE, we've settled on a venue and just need to book it, and that's basically all we've got planned. AH! I'm in like major stress mode now because we only have FOUR months left. ACK! How have we been engaged for 3 months, already? I honestly have no clue. Time flies like no other and let me tell you right now I'm really kicking myself in the butt for being such a procrastinator. Seriously, I need to finally learn to quit putting things off till the last minute. If any of you lovely readers are good planners or have suggestions for budget friendly florists, cake vendors, and caterers I would appreciate it SO stinking much. Trying to plan a wedding on a budget feels insanely hard. I mean, I know people do it seriously all the time but I feel so overwhelmed. GAH. 

Anyway, though, let's talk about this cute romper. With the weather FINALLY heating up this romper is such a good piece. It's relaxed but fun! And this hat? I'm in love. I bought it for Spring break and I've seriously had so many questions about it every time I wear it! Apparently it's very similar to a hat once sold at Brandy Melville but I got this bad boy from a shop at Etsy. Seriously, got to love Etsy! 

Hope you have all had a great Memorial Day weekend and seriously if any of you are or know great wedding vendors, email me! allexis3192@gmail.com :)

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