Engagements Part 1 -Marriage Here We Come!

Me- Dress: Bohme // Extensions: Laced Hair // Mitch- Button Up: American Eagle // Pants: h&m

Oh. Ma. Goodness. You guys, we got our engagements back and I am obsessed! Cecilia shot them for us and wow she did an amazing job! The only set-back from our session was that I got an INSANE poison ivy rash from our trek through these greens. I'm talking up and down BOTH legs. I was freaking out for a whole week thinking I had some form of herpes or something, haha. (Google is not your friend when you're trying to search for causes of hideous rashes) Thankfully, it was just poison ivy and I am now on proper medication that has brought down the swelling and itching. Yippee!

Anyway, I originally wanted to post the story of how Mitch and I met for this post but I'm currently working on getting a website up with wedding details and such that will include our story so for this post I will just get all sappy and talk about how flipping excited I am to get married! 

Love is such an interesting thing. You talk about it basically all of your life but you never really know what it feels like or how you will react to it personally. It's such an incredible thing. One minute you're bopping around in life just doing whatevs and having a blast and then next thing you know you're head over heels for someone you've basically just met and planning out the rest of your lives together. Crazy, right? I think I find it so interesting because I'm such a slow-going person that I'm shocked that I was all for it and that I'm so insanely confident about it. Just blows my mind, haha. 

Also, this last week was just such a wonderful testament to me that I chose the absolute BEST person for me. Mitch came to serve with me in my calling as a ward missionary and it was so great to have him there with me, working alongside me. I don't know, something about seeing him working to reach out to others just floored me and seeing how he so happily rushed over right after 8-hours of work to help me with my calling just gave me such a wonderful vision of what our married life could be like serving in the Church together. 

We also had such a great experience at Target, the other day. While we were waiting in the checkout line I got a phone-call that I had to take so I stepped away for a while and left Mitch in line. When I get back to him he's checked out but holding a cart and chatting to an older aged woman. I come up to him and with a big grin on his face he tells me, "I offered to help her take her groceries to her car and load them up for her, is that ok?" Of course I say it's more than ok and we head over to the older woman's car. As we're chatting we find out that her name is Helen, and apparently while I was away, Mitch had told her that we were engaged so she was enthusiastically asking us about our wedding plans. Anyway, we load up her car give her a warm goodbye and head on over to our car. As we're about to back out, though, we notice that someone's parked right behind us. Before we get a chance to even start wondering about it there's Helen at the driver-side window, handing Mitch a Target gift card and saying, "Thank you. Happy wedding!"

It's just moments like those, when I get to see Mitch's character shine that really just make me fall more in love with him than ever. He isn't perfect, no one is, but he is perfect for me. I read a talk on lds.org once that said that when we focus on the good of our spouse (or future spouse) the not so good things become less evident. I truly believe that. As I see all the ways that Mitch is the best choice for me, our little differences don't seem as important or as big a deal anymore. But hey, what do I know? I'm not even married yet, haha. Anyway, yeah, love, it's amazing!

Much love!


  1. AW! What a happy post! These stories and photos are just as beautiful as you and mitch. I am so happy for you both!! <3

    1. Thank you Gentri!! <3 One of these days I won't be working and we will be able to shoot again!!

  2. Aah, it has been way too long since I've read your blog! These and the photos in the following post are an absolute dream! Thanks for sharing a little about Mitch. He sounds like such a good person. I'm SO happy for you! Love you always!