Engagements Part 3 -How To Get The Most From Your Session

Photos: Cecilia Harvard Photography // Outfits: Me, Skirt: c/o ChicWish // Top: Express // Mitch, Top: American Eagle // Pants: American Eagle

Time for the last of the photos from our engagement session! Which, I'm sure you're all probably just a little bit tired of seeing by now, as I've been over-gramming them on Insta and we were recently featured on Utah Valley Bride (GAHHHHHH) so I posted that on Facebook as well, haha. I'm still just as in love with our session -and my cute groom- as ever so here goes today's post. A couple of weeks before our session date, Mitch expressed to me that he was nervous about our pictures and that he felt like he didn't know what to do when the photo-shoot day came. I'm sure he isn't the only one out there who's gotten nervous about photos so I decided to put together some tips that helped us get the most from our session.

1: Trust Your Photographer

Once you've done your due diligence (ie Instagram stalking) and found the photographer you want to go with for your session, TRUST HIM/HER. If you chose them out of the large selection of other photographers you could have chosen it was for a reason. You liked their style so trust that they'll lead you in the right direction, they know what they're doing! A good photographer will always give you  little nudges in the right direction if you're feeling unsure of what to do!

2: Have Fun

Ok, ok, I know my this tip sounds very obvious and probably not very helpful but hear me out. Engagements shouldn't be about stress or worrying about looking "just right" in every single photo. As I mentioned in tip 1, the photographer should know what they're doing so if you're doing something totally unattractive they'll let you know. Your main focus should be having fun looking at your future spouse, laughing, and just being yourselves. Think of it as a just another date (in which you're being photographed by a professional haha). The point of the photos is to showcase your love for each other and who the two of you are as a couple so the best way to do that is to let go of wanting everything to be "just so" and HAVE FUN! 

3: Don't Be Afraid to Be Vocal

Cecilia was an absolute dream to work with and was very thorough in getting to know our styles, what our vision was, and best of all asking us what our best angles were, haha. We all have a preferred side of our face, let's be honest. ;) If your photographer forgets to ask these questions, don't be afraid to speak up! Let them know what you're going for, it's the sure-fire way to get the photos you're dreaming of! And if there's a specific shot you're wanting, let your photographer know.

4: Relax

This goes hand in hand with step 2, and probably should've come before step 2 haha, but try to relax. Think of what helps you feel more at ease and DO IT. For me, music helps me feel more myself and relaxed so the day before our shoot I put together a playlist with some of my favorite love-jams! I forgot to play it till the end of our session, because I managed to relax without it, but it was fun having something familiar playing in the background!

Here it is for your listening pleasure: (You all know how I love sharing my playlists with anyone and everyone, haha)

Much love!

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