Pocket full of Sunshine

Dress: available at Bohme // Location: Albion Basin

My dreamboat fiancé bought me this dress, and my oh my do I love it! Not only do I love wearing it because it's cute as heck and I get 1,000 compliments on it, but I also love wearing it because it makes me think of Mitch and the fact that he was sweet enough to think of me, get me something I like (clothes), and actually has pretty dang good taste. ;) I definitely feel like a lucky girl. Also, prior to being in a relationship I'd always look at huge bloggers whose husbands took such dang good photos of them, and seemed to do it happily, and wonder what kind of magic man they had to be to do it (hello, Barefoot Blonde and her hubby David) because most of the time I'd hear about fellow bloggers whose husbands weren't terribly excited about taking their photos. I mean, if I were a husband I honestly probably wouldn't be too thrilled about doing it either, haha. Anyway, the last couple of months of having Mitch take my blog photos has made me realize I got lucky and got one of those magic guys who is all about taking photos for their girl. (This isn't to say, however, that husbands or boyfriends who don't do this aren't totally amazing in their own rights, either because they are.) Anyway, I love that Mitch is surprisingly good at taking photos for this ol' blog and that he always is so happy about doing it! He never makes me feel awkward or like it's lame and I love him for it. Anyway, I really don't have anything else to say, sorry! BUT, if any of you could work on coming up with a milkshake that doesn't have any calories and instead of making you a chunk a chunk gives you a six pack, I would love you forever. Heeheehee. 

Much love! 

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