Formals Part 2 -Choosing Marriage

Dress & Veil: Fantasy Bridal
Suit: Macy's
Mitch's Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Bouquet: The Potted Pansy

Once again, I can't say enough times how fantastic of a photographer Cecilia is, truly. The moments she captures are magic. Also, these photos have got me reminiscing hard core. Not on this moment surprisingly, or even our wedding, but on our dating life and engagement. Reflecting back on who we were and how we were when we were first dating is fun because looking back on those moments, I realize we were so awkward and I have no idea how we ever made it to this point, haha. I don't know why but it's always a shock to me that people, Mitch and I included, can get to know each other and fall in love in so little time. It's an amazing thing, though! I also think back on when we first got engaged and picked our wedding date to be in 7 months. So many people told us we were crazy and that it was such a long time to wait, and there definitely were days when it felt like a long time and foolhardy decision, but now that we're two weeks into marriage I feel like those 7 months FLEW by. In so many ways I needed those 7 months. It truly could not have been a more perfect decision, and being here, two weeks married, I can't say I regret that choice one little bit. 

Also, a little marriage update. First, marriage is the best and happiest life change imaginable. Seriously, if you are on the fence about marriage, DO IT! I mean, obviously you need another person in the equation to be able to just do it, but I mean, at the very least make up your mind that you want it and work toward it! I promise you it will be the best decision of your life! Before meeting Mitch, in my early twenties (20 to about 22), I knew I eventually wanted marriage but I wasn't dating in a way that would get me there because, well, the idea of marriage was quite frankly just an after-thought at the time. I guess I was too busy screaming my lungs out at concerts, dancing up a storm at parties, going on drives, and just adventuring in general. That's beside the point, though. What I'm trying to get at here, though, is that when I was at the tail end of 22 about to be 23 I started thinking about it more seriously. I don't know how or why but I reached this point when I realized that marriage was 1,000% where I wanted my life to be. I wanted it right that instant. But I hadn't really done anything to be there. I'd only ever dated casually, made zero effort, and been shallow in my choices of guys. 

It was about that time that I realized I needed to start being more serious. I started seeing the guys I was dating as potential serious-relationship-material and putting more effort into getting to know them and letting them get to know me. I stopped focusing solely on outward appearance and putting more value on character and spirit. I have to be honest, I got my heart stomped on a couple of times but hey, that's dating. After about almost a year of this, and feeling honestly frustrated I had this moment of clarity after General Conference. I can't remember specific talks that stood out to me in that Fall session but I do remember finishing that session just feeling enormous gratitude for my life and the people in it. I remember kneeling down after the final session and just pouring everything out. As I was laying out my desire for marriage all of my experiences from that year started coming to mind and I thought of each of the friends and family members in my life and my love for them. As I did this I realized just how happy I was and how fulfilled I felt with the relationships in my life. And instead of demanding that marriage happen for me right then, as had been my intention when I started my prayer, I gave thanks for my beautiful life and told Heavenly Father that I would be patient. If it wasn't my time for marriage yet, I could wait, my life was happy and fulfilling as it was. When I finished that prayer, I stood up, fully prepared to wait years for marriage to come into my life not knowing that just a month later I would start dating Mitch.

I guess what I want to say with all this is to not give up on working toward marriage. Everyone's timing is different and for some it happens fast and for others it takes a little time but however long or short the wait is, it's worth it. Don't write it off, don't stop trying, and BE HAPPY.

Alright, I guess I'm done preaching now, haha. Sorry for that. That's not where I saw this post going when I first started writing but that's where it went.

Much love!


  1. Congratulations dear newlyweds and all the best for the future! It was a great idea to make a wedding photoshoot in the mountains. The pictures you have taken are beautiful and they will be a great souvenir from your wedding.

    And I'm really impressed that you were climbing in your superlong wedding dress! I guess you must have changed your footwear to something hiking-friendly.

  2. beautiful! i LOVE the photos by the car, you can just tell how happy you guys are!